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Tiffany Kelley – Nightingale Apps

Nightingale Apps – Simplifying a nurses workload

Today on Get Social Health I have a quintuple threat:  Tiffany Kelley.  She’s a nurse, a Ph.D., an entrepreneur, and CEO and founder of Nightingale Apps.  She’s a leader in nursing innovation of mobile applications.  Join us as we discuss the career experiences and the development of “Know My Patient®” on Get Social Health.

Join our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

01:02  Introduction

Nightingales Apps02:18  Kelley’s healthcare career
08:04  You actually write?  By hand?
10:49  Paper beats device
11:44  Tiffany’s epiphany
17:16  The devil is in the details
19:09  How does a nurse build an app?
21:07  Fitting odd notes into existing systems
23:35  Which doodad would work?
25:10  Who would use this?
26:03  Long-term care facilities
26:55  When will it launch?
27:37  “Rogers diffusion of innovation”
30:00  Exciting first steps
30:54  End
31:29  Social Media Tip Tony Guerra
32:02  Closing
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Instagram: @nightingaleapps
Twitter: @Tiffany_Kelley

Melissa Kennedy – 48 Innovate

Innovation to drive results – in 48 hours

Joining me on the Get Social Health podcast is my friend and colleague, K. Melissa Kennedy. Melissa and I worked together on the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association and Startup Weekend.  We have a lively and educational conversation about bringing an innovation mindset and experience to healthcare through 48 Innovate.

K. Melissa Kennedy parlayed many years of experience working for and building successful companies into a unique process for harnessing hidden assets inside organizations and turning them into big-idea-generating, $1-billion-revenue-producing resources. (Spoiler alert: It’s the people.) She’s an internationally acclaimed expert, happy to share the not-so-secret actions that have led to impressive outcomes for Fortune 100 corporations, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs. Melissa’s first book The Innovation Revolution: Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight published in March 2017. It’s the essential guide for 21st-century leaders to deliver rapid results within the enterprise through INTRApreneurship – entrepreneurship on the inside.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

01:00  Introduction

01:38  Tell me about yourself
01:58  Why write a book?
02:30  Journey to now
04:09  Startup philosophy for a multinational
05:23  What departments had you worked with?
06:21  How is this not just another 48 hours?
48 Innovate08:52  Tracking early programs
09:23  C-Suite or sour?
11:23  Breaking down peer barriers
14:07  Cultivating creativity
16:37  How many projects?
19:09  Skin in the game
21:55  Judges
23:01  Let’s talk about healthcare
24:06  Risk required
26:16  Leading in change
28:16  CIO’s in all seriousness
30:47  Exercise your innovation
32:38  Frequency of innovation indoctrination
34:47  Blueprint to innovate
37:44  Oh right, your book!
38:41  End
39:24  Wendy Sue Swanson SMT
40:34  Closing

Contact K. Melissa Kennedy


Elizabeth Scala – The Nurse Within

My guest today helps nurses rediscover “the nurse within.” Elizabeth Scala, a healthcare podcaster, and the host of Your Next Shift is a one-woman media company. She’s also a nurse and the author of Nursing from Within and Stop Nurse Burnout. Elizabeth is also a frequent keynote speaker on the topic of nurse burnout. With her RN/FM co-hosts, Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross, founded the Pulse Media Network to help bring more healthcare podcasts to audiences.  Our conversation will focus on, you guessed it, nurse burnout and the stresses unique to the field.  Join us for our conversation on Get Social Health.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

00:43  Introduction
03:42  Psych nurse stress
05:39  31 flavors of nursing
06:10  About your podcast, Next Shift
08:12  Connecting with your audience
10:14  No idea how to describe this question
10:53  Leading causes of nurse burnout
13:07  Is burnout unique to service jobs?
14:07  Family dynamics of patients
15:12  Your training regime
16:11  Self-regulating burnout
17:12  Burnout into bullying, or vice versa?
19:15  Caring for caregivers
20:05  “The Nurse Within”
21:22  Why you do what you do
22:12  Have e-records helped the nursing experience?
23:52  Nursing is the mother of invention
24:24  About your podcast friends…
26:49  Pulse media network
28:39  Podcast proponent
29:30  Getting in touch
30:45  End
31:22  Social Media Tip: Ahmanielle Hall
31:55 Closing

Connect with Elizabeth

You can find Elizabeth’s website here:

Connect the Docs – Jared Johnson

Putting it all together – Connect the Docs

My guest today is fellow podcaster and healthcare marketer Jared Johnson.  You may recognize him from some of our Blab sessions in 2016 or from his podcast, “Health IT Marketer.”  He is currently on hiatus from that to work at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital as their Marketing Technology Manager.  How about that, both ‘Marketing’ and ‘Technology’ in the same title!  On top of all that, he authored a book called Connect the Docs, where he distilled the knowledge gained from his many podcast guests.  Listen while we talk about bridging the IT and marketing gap on Get Social Health.
You can find Jared’s podcast here:

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

Jared Johnson00:51  Introduction
01:32  Switching sides
03:33  Changes in healthcare marketing

07:00  Marketing “Technology” Manager…

10:27  Imma let you finish, but about getting out the right patient info…
14:08  Amazon “Lightning Dealer of the Day”
17:13  IT and marketing, or IT Marketing?
18:32  IT / Marketing counter culture
20:01  Integrating the two
23:08  Customer service, marketing, and IT unite!
26:15  Too much content?  
27:23  You wrote a book!
34:06  Two books in one
37:22  Spread the message with multiple formats
40:21  Forging the path for others to follow
42:27  Challenge to do more in 2017
43:27  End
44:12  Social Media Tip: Audun Utengen Symplur
45:02  Janet Kennedy – The Healthcare Writers Network

Everyone Included Research Challenge

Today we have another guest involved with the Stanford Medicine X and Symplur Signals “Everyone Included Research Challenge,” – the co-founder of Symplur itself, Audun Utengen.  As we discussed in last week’s podcast, this challenge allows participants to use ‘deep data’ provided by Symplur to delve into issues relating social media and healthcare.  Listen in to Get Social Health as we discuss Symplur Signals with one of its co-founders.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the links below:

MedicineX00:49  Introduction
01:34  Ebola
03:38  #power
05:27  Healthcare twitter growth
07:44  Conference analytics
10:04  Premium usage
11:26  Everyone Included Research Challenge
13:50  Project proposal requirements
15:39  Symplur simplified
17:06  The voices!
18:58  Challenge timeline
Symplur Signals20:12  Symplur History
23:24  Symplur Privacy
26:20  Twitter stumble strategy
31:04  Has twitter approached you?
34:00  Healthcare civility in the Twittersphere
36:35  Exciting times ahead
37:38  Social Media Tip Todd Eury, Pharmacy Podcast
38:26  Closing


Ruth Carlos, MD – Engaging Patients on Twitter

Bringing Patients into Tweet Chats

Engaging patients in health conversations is essential but do we know if they are active in social media? Today on Get Social Health my guest is Dr. Ruth Carlos.  She’s the Deputy Editor of the Journal of the American College of Radiology, as well as a professor of radiology at the University of Michigan.  In 2016 she led a team of researchers to study the impact of patients on a TweetChat. Their work won the 2016 Stanford Medicine X / Symplur Signals “Everyone Included Research Challenge.”  We’ll talk about her work getting patients engaged in healthcare via social media on Get Social Health.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

01:13  Introduction

02:53  Patient access

Symplur winner03:57  Patient comprehension of said access
05:24  Medicine X Challenge
06:52  Diving head first into Twitter chat
07:38  Twitter focus
08:54  Hey scientists! Use Twitter!
10:59  Curating Twitter
12:12  Medicine X Team, Assemble!
15:55  How we Medicine X’ed
16:40  Democracy of social media
18:26  What do you do with this information?
19:34  Social Media and Patient Education
21:51  Exciting publication
23:14  Patient-centered care, an annual event?
24:08  Layman accessibility
24:37  Engaging patients and perspective
26:32  Appreciation for accessibility
28:16  Personal academia
29:26  Machine learning in 2018
30:21  End
31:10  Social Media Tip – Mandi Bishop
31:54  Closing

Find Dr. Ruth Carlos online:

The Winning Team: