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My MG Sole Project

On Get Social Health. We’re talking about a project called My MG Sole. It’s a new collective art project designed specifically for people with Myasthenia Gravis, a rare autoimmune condition. The goal of the project is to help people in the MG community defy social distancing by uniting them as an online community in this...

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The Digital Medicine Society

As the host of both Get Social Health and “People Always, Patients Sometimes” (a podcast for Spencer Health Solutions), I have even more opportunity to talk with some exceptional individuals and organizations. As such I get jealous of some of the guests on the other podcasts, which seems odd because I’m doing the interviews for...

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Lori Hall Health Literacy

Health literacy is a relatively new term that is getting a lot of attention, but what does it mean? Does it have to do with reading ability or reading comprehension? Is it the responsibility of the healthcare provider or the patient? October is Health Literacy Month, so we’re going to learn more about the meaning...

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Dave DeBronkart ePatient Dave Part 1

ePatient Dave – Part I I’m honored to have Dave deBronkart on the podcast today. He is the original “e-Patient” and has a lot of stories and interesting projects to share with us today. As a matter of fact, so many interesting projects that we’re going to break this into a two-part discussion, so join...

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Lilly Stairs – Patient Advocate

Have you heard the term Patient Advocate? How about the expression “not about me without me” in the patient space? So often over the past decades, if not hundreds and thousands of years, the patients have sometimes the least consideration when healthcare decisions have been made. Well, that’s changing due to empowered patients who are...

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Launching The Savvy Scribe Podcast

Announcing The Savvy Scribe Podcast! The Healthcare Marketing Network is proud to add a new podcast to its list of healthcare podcasts. Hosts Carol Bush, Managing Editor of the HMN and Janine Kelbach, Operations Manager of the HMN invite you to tune in to a new podcast celebrating and supporting the life of a freelance...

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Ajay Prasad – SEO for Healthcare Websites

On the Get Social Health podcast, Janet Kennedy interviews Ajay Prasad of GMR Webteam and the work they do create and optimizing healthcare websites.

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Seth Rotberg – Huntington’s Disease Patient Advocate

Seth Rotberg found out as a 15-year old that his mom had a rare neurological genetic disease known as Huntington's disease. Five years later, he tested positive for the disease. Today I'm talking with Seth about secrets, strengths and recognizing the power of community on Get Social Health.

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