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People Always, Patients Sometimes

Hosted ByJanet M. Kennedy

People Always, Patients Sometimes focuses on the challenges of empowering and engaging patients in the discovery and development of new treatments. The podcast is presented by Spencer Health Solutions, a leader in home-based healthcare technology.

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Get Social Health

Hosted ByJanet Kennedy

The Podcast: Get Social Health is a podcast about social media and how it’s being used to help hospitals, medical practices, healthcare practitioners and patients connect and engage via social media. 

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The Savvy Scribe

Hosted ByCarol Bush and Janine Kelbach

Now live! – “The Savvy Scribe" podcast with co-hosts Carol Bush and Janine Kelbach about the craft and the business of writing for healthcare.

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Healthcare IT Trends Buzz

Hosted ByJanet Kennedy

The NCHICA podcast series features interviews with key opinion leaders in the Healthcare IT, informatics and analytics space. 

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