StoryDriven: Documentary Story Telling

Nathan Clendenin is the Founder of StoryDriven, an Emmy Award-winning creator of videos that tell stories. StoryDriven works with clients in healthcare, scientific research, education, entrepreneurial space, nonprofits and more. Today we’re talking about using documentary-style storytelling for healthcare. Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below.
feeding scheme storydriven00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meet Nathan Clendenin – StoryDriven
01:21 He’s got an Emmy!
01:36 Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine
02:00 Studying AIDS, Poverty & Faith in South Africa
02:51 Twitter and Cats (Pippy & Champ) – of course!
03:37 Using cats to ease the learning curve
04:15 Twitter is not business only: Shout out to @LilyPad
04:57 It’s not about you
05:20 Video skills – broke with a baby on the way
06:47 Awesome sales pitch! “Real Doctors – Real People”
07:53 A 360-degree view of the physician
10:00 How was this video used?
storydriven11:15 StoryDriven is founded
12:25 How do you get real people to “relax”
14:47 “Physician – Heal Thyself!”
16:45 Story Renaissance
20:15 Storyboarding a diagnostic odyssey
22:50 Complex health stories
24:30 What is unique about telling a healthcare story
25:25 HIPAA Tip from Nathan
26:56 Release forms are your friend
27:07 Logistics of working with Doctors
28:30 “Talk nerdy to me” – TED Talk
29:50 Everyone needs to learn to communicate via video
31:59 “Black Men in White Coats”
34:19 Advice for video storytelling
37:15 Stories of triumph
37:41 Todd Eury, Pharmacy Podcast “Try an online search in Twitter

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