Ashley Howland

Live Tweeting a Heart Transplant

Baylor Scott White Health in Dallas, Texas is a hospital with a strong specialty in transplant surgery. To bring attention to the need for organ donation, Digital Communications and Social Media Director Ashley Howland organized the a Twitter first; the Live tweeting of a live heart transplant. Garnering over a million social media impressions and 20,000 followers during the event was of secondary importance to the successful surgery, appreciation and  support for the donor’s family and a new surge in organ donor signups. Hear the details in our interview or follow the time stamps below.

#hearttxlive tweets00:00 Intro
00:45 Why did you live Tweet a transplant?
02:30 Need for Organ donors
02:55 Short waitlist for heart transplants
03:30 No budget
04:00 Schedules Surgery live Tweeting: Kidney Transplat & Brain Surgery
05:36 Project management a key
05:50 Were Tweets Live or scheduled?
06:50 Need for disclaimers and explanation tweets
08:50 Interviewed potential patient was in need
10:50 Transplant is the last resort
12:00 Honoring the donor
12:50 SW Transplant Alliance & Donate Life Texas
14:30 Who was in the operating room?
15:30 Media coverage
15:52 Timing of event
#hearttxlive Tweet18:38 Testing Twitter & Tweet Stats
20:35 Hashtags: #GoJane #ImADonor
21:20 Extending the reach
24:38 National coverage?
24:55 Any negative feedback?
25:45 Hearing a donor’s heart beat
28:37 Will you do it again?
29:25 Live Tweet for Education
31:32 Social Media Tip: Reed Smith “Learn a new skill”

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Hashtags from the event: #HeartTXLive #GoJane #ImADonor