Going Hyper-Local to Serve Patients

Dr. Jeff Livingston is a healthcare social media pioneer. Like fellow physicians Mike Sevilla, Kevin Pho and Bryan Vartabedian, Jeff was early to try, successfully, blend social media into his practice marketing. After getting national (and International) coverage in WIRED, USA Today and Voice of America Jeff re-evaluated his social media strategy to go hyper-local. My favorite quote from the interview was that “marketing benefit should be accidental and secondary.” During our conversation we discussed HIPAA, the “wild, wild west” days of social media and how he manages to actively¬†participate in social media between delivering babies. Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

00:00 Introduction
01:40 HIPAA Violations & OBGYN
03:55 Photo policies during birth
06:08 Fun practice Facebook page
06:50 Meet Jeff Livingston, MD
7:30 Teen pregnancy – MySpace – Patient contact
10:35 #hcsm Tweet Chat 9:00 pm EST every Sunday
12:00 The Wild, Wild West
13:15 Facebook content – fun and interesting
14:40 Marketing benefit should be accidental and secondary
Macarthur obgyn15:20 ROE Vs ROI
16:40 Authenticity – Best Post Ever!
19:02 Always educating
22:13 Candy Crush and STD education
22:47 Personal social media evolution
28:07 Multiple social media platforms
32:20 Serving the hyper-local community through social media
34:16 Social Media Tip: Chris Nelson, University of Utah. Tag the right person in Twitter

Janet announced the launch of Get Social Health Academy – online learning in social media for the healthcare practice.

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