Melissa Kennedy – 48 Innovate

Innovation to drive results – in 48 hours

Joining me on the Get Social Health podcast is my friend and colleague, K. Melissa Kennedy. Melissa and I worked together on the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association and Startup Weekend.  We have a lively and educational conversation about bringing an innovation mindset and experience to healthcare through 48 Innovate.

K. Melissa Kennedy parlayed many years of experience working for and building successful companies into a unique process for harnessing hidden assets inside organizations and turning them into big-idea-generating, $1-billion-revenue-producing resources. (Spoiler alert: It’s the people.) She’s an internationally acclaimed expert, happy to share the not-so-secret actions that have led to impressive outcomes for Fortune 100 corporations, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs. Melissa’s first book The Innovation Revolution: Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight published in March 2017. It’s the essential guide for 21st-century leaders to deliver rapid results within the enterprise through INTRApreneurship – entrepreneurship on the inside.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

01:00  Introduction

01:38  Tell me about yourself
01:58  Why write a book?
02:30  Journey to now
04:09  Startup philosophy for a multinational
05:23  What departments had you worked with?
06:21  How is this not just another 48 hours?
48 Innovate08:52  Tracking early programs
09:23  C-Suite or sour?
11:23  Breaking down peer barriers
14:07  Cultivating creativity
16:37  How many projects?
19:09  Skin in the game
21:55  Judges
23:01  Let’s talk about healthcare
24:06  Risk required
26:16  Leading in change
28:16  CIO’s in all seriousness
30:47  Exercise your innovation
32:38  Frequency of innovation indoctrination
34:47  Blueprint to innovate
37:44  Oh right, your book!
38:41  End
39:24  Wendy Sue Swanson SMT
40:34  Closing

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Andy Sernovitz: SocialMedia.org Health

SocialMedia.org Health

Andy Sernovitz, socialmedia.org Health is one of social media’s earliest voices. From “Damn, I wish I’d Thought of That!” to socialmedia.org, Andy has been at the forefront of online and social media innovation. His company, GasPedal, builds peer-to-peer communities for people leading meaningful change at the world’s biggest companies. GasPedal runs SocialMedia.org and SocialMedia.org Health, and is creating communities for people leading sustainability, wellness, and other mission-driven initiatives.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:52 Solution to Pollution
02:45 Doctors are scientists
03:10 Meet Andy Sernovitz, community builder
04:25 Gaspedal.com
04:45 SocialMedia.org Health
05:10 Membership for senior hospital social media only
05:50 “Circle of Trust” for Hospital social media marketers
06:30 What are Hospitals concerned about?
07:35 Actions you can take
08:50 Community building among peers
09:41 Sharing about internal issues
11:08 Managing multiple social media presences
12:48 Is there any master tool to update all online sites?
14:28 Discussing emergency response
16:36 Who is in the community?
17:45 Diversity of backgrounds in the community
19:19 How many hospitals in the community?
19:45 How many people can join socialmedia.org Health?
20:15 Peer Backup network
20:40 Formerly known as The Blog Council
21:25 What other verticals need a community?
21:31 Do you hire a subject matter expert to moderate?
22:18 Jeff Casale – Community Leader for Healthcare
22:59 Community wrangler
23:43 We love to tell our member stories
24:24 “Damn, I wish I’d thought of that!”
24:56 Didn’t drink the cool-aid?
25:55 Are there discussion of tactics
27:09 Talking about marketing getting to the C-suite table?
27:39 Reviews, ratings, and word-of-mouth
29:52 HCAPS and Consumer reviews
31:22 Who should respond to a review – Physician or Admin?
32:32 Jay Baer “Hug Your Haters”
34:15 Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit
35:52 Social media to express joy and pain
37:25 Social Media Tip: Watch out for Political statements
37:57 Social Content Solutions and other Services for healthcare

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Chief Digital Officer for Healthcare

Transitioning into the realm of digital marketing and new media has been a challenge for many healthcare institutions. Often senior leadership has little experience utilizing social media channels and is managing a number of different marketing agencies. Keith Boswell BooksEnter Keith Boswell, Chief Digital Officer for hire. Keith Boswell is the President of Perceptint, a consulting firm that specializes in helping health systems and other companies bridge the gap when creating or managing a digital marketing strategy. Keith is also an author of two e-Books, “Digital Marketing for Healthcare” and “Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy.” If that’s not enough, he is a fellow podcaster, host of the “CDO -Chief Digital Officer Podcast.” Listen in to our conversation about digital strategies and healthcare or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 So may ways to connect
01:37 Patients are not patient
02:52 Social Listening
03:35 Who is Keith Boswell – Chief Digital Officer?
04:35 Kaiser-Permanente Digital Strategy
06:10 Agency models don’t always translate to healthcare
09:37 Digital decisions by people who don’t use digital
11:23 Educating the C-Suite – Where are the conversations taking place?
12:40 Dialiang for your lawyer reputation management
13:39 The reputation stages of grief
16:38 A Rose (or Review) by any other name
18:46 A hospital is not a restaurant
19:21 Trusting the agency to lead digital
22:38 Does digital carry a higher expectation for ROI than traditional media?
25:05 Risk adverse to digital
25:49 Author of an eBook “Digital Marketing for Healthcare”
27:43 Yelp! Pilot
30:02 Claim your local space – Weighted toward places with more reviews
33:15 He’s a podcaster too! “CDO-Cheif Digital Officer Podcast”
36:04 Social Media Tip: Amanda Changuris, “Making it right”

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Social Media and the CEO

If leadership comes from the top, why are so many healthcare CEOs hesitant to be active in social media? To get a first hand perspective I asked Paul Levy, former hospital CEO and C-suite leader to join me in a conversation about social media, healthcare and why CEOs shouldn’t be so hesitant to jump in. Listen in to our conversation or jump in at the time stamps below:

Paul Levy00:00 Introduction
00:45 Social Media and the CEO
01:50 What is the role of the CEO?
02:50 Journalist coverage of a story
06:12 CEO’s engaging
07:00 Train staff in social Media?
08:30 Using social media to tell what you think?
09:25 Paul’s Blog
10:25 What topics did you cover?
11:50 What did he post today?
12:38 Blogging about patient care
14:54 Posting infection rate – push back?
16:40 Insurance company on board?
17:35 Social media as a tool to set goals.
18:50 Facebook and Twitter
21:00 Tweetchats? Matching consumption schedules
21:48 Twitter at conferences
22:48 Tweeting & Twitter Fountains
24:38 Tone and emoticons
Paul Levy giving a speech25:07 Have you evangelized social media participation?
26:07 How many Hospitals CEOs are using social media
26:58 Frequency of posting developed ideas
28:02 Use analytics to drive content?
28:40 Moderating comments to manage “trolls”
29:30 Words of Wisdom
30:40 New focus – Leadership and negotiation
32:10 Social Media Tip: Dr. Mike Sevilla – Get a personal website

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health.