Challenge the Status Quo @CancerGeek

Andy DeLao is a man with an important mission, one that we should all share. Known as @CancerGeek in social media, Andy believes that you should challenge the status quo and be the change you want to see. From his day job impacting cancer center design to his new initiative, “My Ideal Patient Experience“, @CancerGeek has a commitment to understanding the patient’s experience and making it better. The global founding team of My Ideal Patient Experience includes two former Get Social Health podcast guests, Dr. Gia Sison and Marie Ennis-O’Conner.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meet Andy DeLao @CancerGeek
01:50 Building cancer centers
02:27 Hard to jump between country’s rules?
03:54 What was your role in building cancer centers?
06:50 Did you have to educate the architects?
07:45 Mayo Clinic and the design of patient space
09:18 Pro or Con “plush Robes”?
09:33 Worried about icing when the cake is lopsided
11:30 What’s an example of the patient improvement process?
12:50 Genesis of @CancerGeek
13:40 What is your role in social media?
15:18 “My Ideal Patient Experience”
16:15 Founding members of My Ideal Patient Experience
17:35 Global team
18:15 When can you actually have a virtual meeting?

Cancer Geek 19:12 Former Get Social Health podcast guests
Dr. Gia Sison, Marie Ennis-O’Conner
Time, Trust, Transparency & Transition
22:21 What’s the social media response?
23:45 Podcasting! @CancerGeek joins the club
24:28 Commitment to podcasting
25:20 “The Patient Scene” – Remove the curtain of OZ
26:13 Patients & Stories
27:56 What is a “Ruckus Maker”?
29:09 “It’s Your Turn” Seth Godin
29:48 You have to be part of the change
31:06 Where to find @CancerGeek
32:09 Closing
32:36 Social Media Tip: Alice Ackerman, Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital,”Don’t be afraid of it.”
33:15 Social Media Training for Healthcare Professionals, Get Social Health Academy