Capture Billing

Manny Oliverez – Online Marketing Tips

Promote your health care blog with these online marketing tips

You should know by now that I am dedicated to the idea of teaching and sharing. Today’s guest is Manny Oliverez, President of Capture Billing. He’s both a client and active social media user who has taught me a number of ways to promote healthcare online. I asked him about the specific things he did to promote his business and their universal application to online marketing. Find out why Manny suggests getting your collections under control can have a huge impact on your business on today’s Get Social Health podcast.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

01:22 Start
02:14 Capture Billing?
03:56 A Foundation of Money
04:54 Money from Patients of Insurance?
06:02 Money Mismanagement
06:48 About Your Clients
07:20 Affordable Collections
08:40 Quantified Collections
09:21 You Like This?
10:02 Charges v Earnings
10:24 Debunking for Patients
11:34 Pain to Cost Ratios
12:40 Growing Your Own Company
13:55 Where to Start
15:27 You Can Do It!
16:31 Marketing Discipline
17:01 About a Blog
19:06 What’s In a Blog?
19:33 Blog-a-Rhythm
20:37 One Thing Leads to Another
22:59 If You Build It Right, They Will Come
24:26 Social Media
27:15 A Hashtag for Every Occasion
27:59 Pinterest? Seriously?
31:16 Visual Content?
32:58 Need to Know
33:33 Enlisting
33:59 Healthcare Writer’s Network
34:53 End
35:14 Social Media Tip: @TheDocSmitty
35:43 Social Content Solutions by Get Social Health Academy