Connie Mester

Thrive 4-7: Teaching Wellness Skills

Do companies and corporations finally get the importance of wellness programs for their employees? Connie Mester is betting her startup on the idea that they are. She has taken 16 years of experience in healthcare and health insurance to found a company focused on helping individuals learn how to achieve emotional wellness. That may sound esoteric but their work is based on evidence based medicine that fills a gap in emotional health support. Thrive 4-7’s first product is Mevii – a mobile tool to teach and support personal skills to manage wellness. Listen to our conversation or drop in to the time stamps below.

Mevii screenshot00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meet Connie Mester
02:38 An educational potpourri
04:10 A gap in emotional health support
04:56 Learning how to deal with stress
06:10 What is Thrive 4-7
06:20 Mind-Body Connection
07:29 Research based application to teach skills
09:29 Wearables
12:09 Mevii
12:27 Designed for the individual
15:35 Cognitive behavioral therapy
19:50 Mobile and privacy
21:28 Female Audience “Who knew!”
23:10 Future plans for Seniors & Adolescents
7 dimensions of wellness23:50 Journaling
29:20 Building a wellness ecosystem
31:05 Always in beta
37:45 Can an individual sign up?
38:20 Business model
38:44 Growth plan
40:13 What does Thrive 4-7 mean?
41:55 What does Mevii mean?
43:20 Social media tip: Dr. David Stukus

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