Jeff Calaway – Creating a Hospital Newsroom

Content creation is critical to an effective hospital marketing plan. On the Get Social Health podcast, I chat with Jeff Calaway about the creation of a newsroom-style PR department for Cook Children’s Hospital. By operating as a newsroom, the hospital communications team was positioned to take advantage of health-related stories in the news. To find out how listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below.
00:51  Intro
01:18  About Jeff
04:09  Mobility & flexibility
07:35  Telling personal stories
10:07  Involving your staff
13:06  Evergreen vs live news
15:34  “Newsjacking?”
17:08  Timely posting on current events
20:12  Spontaneous vs oversight
24:20  Physicians who produce social content
27:19  Accuracy vs accessibility
28:32  End
29:18  Social Media Tip Mari Smith
30:01  Closing

Connect with Jeff:


The Cook Children’s Marketing & PR Team

  • Justin Smith, Medical Advisor for Digital Health/Primary Care Innovator, Twitter: @TheDocSmitty
  • Wini King, AVP, Public Relations, Twitter: @PRKing1210
  • Missy Staben, Manager of Digital Communications, @Missy Staben
  • Kim Brown, Media Relations Specialist, Twitter: @KimatCook
  • Abigail Hodgson, Social Media Specialist, Twitter: flabigaill

The story doing well in India:

India is their third biggest country in audience readership behind U.S. and U.K. The story now has more than 10k views since it was published in June 2015. It has more than 140,000 total views.

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Ed Bennett Hospital Website Consultant

Ed Bennett is a healthcare and hospital website consultant. He has recently left corporate and university life where he was the Website/Digital presence guru at the University of Maryland Medical Center for 17 years to become a consultant. He is a Platinum Fellow in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, founder of the Hospital Social Media list (now residing with Mayo) and curator of the Physician Transparency list that tracks hospitals that are posting their HCAPS scores on their websites. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit 2016

Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit 2016

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Meet Ed Bennett, Mayo Platinum Fellow & entrepreneur
02:00 Internet earliest adopter
04:09 Hospital website for University of Maryland
05:15 What didn’t work well?
06:40 Content marketing (before it was cool)
08:03 Does a website belong to IT or Marketing?
09:25 Chief Cook & Bottle Washer
10:20 WordPress or enterprise CMS
12:35 Knowing how to understand vendor landscape
13:45 The difference between a slick website and a good vendor
17:00 How much god a project run?
18:28 C-Suite explanations needed?
21:00 Physician Transparency Project
25:35 Hospitals in Social Media list
26:55 Reputation leads to business
28:25 Preparing for the death of digital advertising
33:55 Is the website the hub of marketing
34:47 How does digital and online presence impact population health?
36:16 Advising on digital and social media presence
37:21 Company goals & the healthcare vendor space
39:25 Healthcare: Slow decision making?
40:45 Market Vue Partners and Population Health
40:15 Hospital marketing tactics slow to change
43:33 Social Media Tip: Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson “When you’ve had a bad day…”
44:50 Social Media Ambassadors – Social Media support for Trade Shows and Conferences

Healthcare Podcasting and Content Creation

Meet Joe Lavelle. He’s the host of the IntrepidNow Healthcare podcast. He is also the co-founder of a healthcare media empire, IntrepidNow. What I love about his exciting new venture is the reason he started this business – so he could get off the road as a healthcare consultant and coach his son’s ball team. Now he is focused on using the medium of podcasting to create marketing content and sales opportunities for his clients.

As a result of reaching out to other healthcare podcasters, Joe is also one of the founders of a new weekly Blab, the Healthcare Podcasters. He will be joined by Jared Johnson of the “Healthcare IT Marketer Podcast,” Todd Eury of the “Pharmacy Podcast” and me, on behalf of the “Get Social Health” podcast in a weekly Blab every Monday at noon EST.


Social Media Tips from Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit

The Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network hosted a Social Media Summit June 15-16, 2015 in Rochester, MN.

Mayo SMS 2015-400Dozens of healthcare social media marketers attended to share, learn and experience social media first hand. The event featured a keynote by Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, aka @SeattleMamaDoc in Twitter which was live streamed by the new social platform, Periscope (@Periscopeco). During the two day event I met and spoke with a large number of the participants and corralled a few to get their social media tips to share on the podcast. Below is a list of all those who contributed to the podcast. To find out more about the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network visit here or read the following blog posts:

Social Media Residency and Summit are next week, Lee Aase

June Social Media Summit Reflects the Mayo Model, Lee Aase

Social Media Tips from:
Kristine Austin, Principal, KS Austin Communications
Kristy Jacobson, Public Affairs Specialist at Mayo Clinic Health System
Christina Bokusky, Communications Coordinator at Jackson In Action Community Coalition
Shelby LaCroix, Communications Specialist, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Caitlin Hennessay
Dr. John Wald, Medical Director for Marketing at Mayo Clinic
Quinn Nystrom Diabetes Advocate & Speaker,
Susan Woolner (@SusanWoolner)
Naomi Ogaldez, Intern at Mayo Clinic
Marie McNeill
Makala Johnson, Social Media & Content Strategy Specialist at Mayo Clinic
Paula Gill, Co-Founder CareHubs
Corey Shaffer, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), CareHubs
Dr. Elizabeth Murray, Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center
Karen Mulkey, Community Relations Officer, OU School of Community Medicine and OU Physicians
Amanda Changuris, (@AmandaChanguris)
Tony Hart, Public Affairs Associate; Social and Digital Innovation Team, Mayo Clinic
Ali Burnett
Ahmanielle Hall, Digital Marketing Specialist at Yuma Regional Medical Center

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health.

Facebook Tip: Promote “See First”

“You Don’t Ask – You Don’t Get”

Facebook has become one of the fastest evolving social media platforms which causes a lot of heartburn for small businesses. As a marketer and a social media professional I consume newsletters, get daily announcements, follow social media gurus and interact in Facebook daily to stay on top of the changes. I can’t keep up myself and it’s what I do. Imagine how the “Mom & Pop” retailer or the solo practice physician feels. I help both kinds of services and I’ll tell you – they’re frustrated. They are busy trying to make a living and keep up with their own industry. They don’t have time to keep up with the latest social media innovation.

“See First”

That said – Facebook recently launched a new feature that has been over-looked and could be a big help for small businesses. If they have created the kind of page that has raving fans they can use it to their advantage. As a Facebook user – the individual not the business page – you can select 30 people or Pages to “see first” in your news feed. That means we finally have the option to prioritize which 30 friends, family members or businesses whose updates we don’t want to miss. Thirty does not sound like a big number but when you think about who your “can’t miss” friends are, do you really have 30? It’s probably more like 10 or 20.

So here is the opportunity for a small business. Create an image that makes your page fans aware of this new option and request that your fans put you on the “see first” list. Will all your fans? Hardly. But it may be the ones who care the most about your business and are most likely to share your content. Therefore, it behooves you to create content that is worthy of being in someone’s “see first” list. What have you got to lose? Remember, “you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Try it and let me know what happens.

Consolidating 80 Websites: Chris Boyer

In January of 2013, Chris Boyer accepted a massive challenge; join the North Shore LIJ Health System to create a unified digital presence. The challenge? There were at least 80 websites, known and unknown, that related to the health system and affiliated entities. In our conversation, Chris and I walked through some of the challenges he and his team faced in creating a unified presence for his healthcare system.

Check the time stamp below to follow the conversation follow along the conversation.

Christening the new website

Christening the new website

00:00 Introduction
00:45 80 websites!
01:18 First Steps: January 2013
02:29 Digital presence was fragmented
02:49 Website as the hub
04:04 Branding = Logo
05:28 New website is beautiful
06:33 Web traffic
07:55 Lessons from North Shore LIJ could be applied anywhere
08:15 “Our website is not an org chart”
09:57 Who is the website for?
10:01 Gap analysis – Project Management – Content Creation
10:50 Redundant content
12:30 Rogue websites
16:45 Emergency Department wait times
18:13 11 Top Tasks that people want to accomplish on your website
20:20 Web Usability Neo Insight. Personas help from
21:27 How can you create enough content?
25:38 Word count and SEO are not the goal
27:42 SEO and targeting medical keywords
29:05 Web traffic affected?

North Shore LIJ Health System

North Shore LIJ Health System

31:42 Who is on the team
33:15 Marketing Automation
33:50 Web redesign tips
35:20 Don’t try to eat the whole elephant at one time
36:54 Social Media Tip: AJ Montpetit – Video needs good audio

Alan Cooper: The founder of Personas (Start at 11:50) YouTube Interview