Dr. Betsy Bennett

Pharma and Social Media – Oil and Water?

Pharma communications is an industry regulated by law and steeped in caution. Social Media is is often referred to as “the Wild West.” Can Pharma and Social Media ever coexist and not be cross-purposes? Get Social Health spoke with Dr. Betsy Bennett, a clinical health psychologist who works with pharma to learn more about the complicated world of pharma communications.

Dr. Betsy BennettDr. Bennett works with Pharma companies to help them craft their patient communications on medical conditions and drug relationships. She brings to the table a unique and critical expertise that encompasses not just the medical implications of a disease or disorder but the cognitive, behavioral and emotional impact of the condition on the patient.

To drop in on specific parts of our conversation, refer to the time stamp below:

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Meet Dr. Betsy Bennett
01:38 Clinical Health Psychologist
02:40 Emotional – Behaviorial – Cognitive
03:06 What do you mean “emotional” support?
04:57 Stoic New Englanders
05:18 The punitive internal voice – “The Judge”
06:21 Chronic Vs Long-Term condition communications
07:01 Adherance compliance
07:30 Who do you write for?
07:52 It’s a team effort
08:46 What is the process for creating communications?
10:40 Do you provide cultural content?
12:14 Information is about living with a condition or disease
14:10 How specific do you have to be in communications?
16:11 Patient Self-Advocacy: What are pharma companies talking about?
19:00 Biogen idec
20:40 Who is a “credible source”?
22:30 Pharma and Social Media
26:09 What social media platforms do you use?
28:45 So about that blog…
31:55 Be a content contributor
33:00 Social Media Tip: Dr. Mike Sevilla – Get a website

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