Dr. Gia Gisson

Nurse Friendly Andrew Lopez

One of the most active nurses in social media is @NurseFriendly aka Andrew Lopez. As Nurse Friendly he truly lives up to his Twitter handle and supports an active social media presence for himself and the nursing community. In our conversation we discuss social media, nurses on the front lines of healthcare and the many communities he supports for nurses.

Hear the details in our interview or follow the time stamps below.
Nurse Friendly Twitter
00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meet Nurse Friendly Andrew Lopez
01:45 Healthcare Tweetchats. #BCSM
03:50 Welcoming nature of Tweet chats
04:40 Andrew’s Twitter process
05:35 Healthcare Hashtag project http://www.symplur.com/
06:00 Speaking for Nurses? Speaking for self?
08:35 Employees active in social media
13:40 Social media policies
14:10 The Nurseup Facebook group
19:50 Jobs always available in nursing
23:53 Startup Weekend – Nurses as entrepreneurs
25:50 Website content
27:04 Dr. Gia Gisson #HealthXPh
35:22 Social Media Tip: Ashley Howland “Tips for live tweeting a surgery”

Andrew Lopez

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