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The Change of Shift Podcast- A Voice for Nursing

My guest today on the Get Social Health podcast is Sean Dent. He’s an acute care Nurse Practitioner and the host of the Change of Shift podcast. He’s also one of the early social media adopters in the healthcare space giving a voice to nursing. The role of the nurse has many contradictions. On the one hand, it is the most respected profession in our nation based on a recent survey, however, when you hear and read what nurses are saying and printing online, it presents a story of frustration, of challenges, of lack of respect, and even danger.  Let’s hear what he has to say on Get Social Health. Listen to the full podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

Sean Dent - The Change of Shift Podcast

Podcast Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
1:57 Hard to talk about yourself “imposter syndrome”
02:50 Early Blogging experience
05:00 Early Adoptors: Dr. Mike Sevilla, Dr. Kevin Pho
05:50 Are you supporting nurses or advocating for change?
07:12 Dealing with negativity
09:45 Are Nurses active in social media?
12:00 Nursing is the most trusted profession
12:51 Are Nurses leaving their careers early?
14:28 Shout-out to Janet’s Mom, an early Nurse Practioner
15:00 Is the American Nursing Association supporting Nurses online?
16:56 Media-Preneur. Scrubs Magazine.
20:48 Do you own your own content?
24:20 Crossfit is for everyone
29:50 How do you plan to make a business from your podcast?
30:45 You’re considered an expert at 10k hours
33:20 “Change of shift”
38:29 Podcast structure
41:55 Social Media Tip: Greg Chang, for[MD] “Give before you ask”

The Get Social Health Academy

Thank you for joining me for Get Social Health. As you may know, I recently launched the Get Social Health Academy, an online learning space for healthcare practitioners. If you handle social media for a physician’s or other healthcare practice, check out the website for courses that can help you achieve your goals in social media. The website is Get Social Health Academy.com. If you have any questions please reach out to me at [email protected] or in Twitter @GetSocialHealth. Thanks for listening.

Pharma and Social Media – Oil and Water?

Pharma communications is an industry regulated by law and steeped in caution. Social Media is is often referred to as “the Wild West.” Can Pharma and Social Media ever coexist and not be cross-purposes? Get Social Health spoke with Dr. Betsy Bennett, a clinical health psychologist who works with pharma to learn more about the complicated world of pharma communications.

Dr. Betsy BennettDr. Bennett works with Pharma companies to help them craft their patient communications on medical conditions and drug relationships. She brings to the table a unique and critical expertise that encompasses not just the medical implications of a disease or disorder but the cognitive, behavioral and emotional impact of the condition on the patient.

To drop in on specific parts of our conversation, refer to the time stamp below:

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Meet Dr. Betsy Bennett
01:38 Clinical Health Psychologist
02:40 Emotional – Behaviorial – Cognitive
03:06 What do you mean “emotional” support?
04:57 Stoic New Englanders
05:18 The punitive internal voice – “The Judge”
06:21 Chronic Vs Long-Term condition communications
07:01 Adherance compliance
07:30 Who do you write for?
07:52 It’s a team effort
08:46 What is the process for creating communications?
10:40 Do you provide cultural content?
12:14 Information is about living with a condition or disease
14:10 How specific do you have to be in communications?
16:11 Patient Self-Advocacy: What are pharma companies talking about?
19:00 Biogen idec
20:40 Who is a “credible source”?
22:30 Pharma and Social Media
26:09 What social media platforms do you use?
28:45 So about that blog…
31:55 Be a content contributor
33:00 Social Media Tip: Dr. Mike Sevilla – Get a website

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Dr. Anonymous – Blogger, Podcaster, Early Adopter

Dr. Mike Sevilla, a practicing family practice physician, has one of the best known names (and voices) in social media. One of the original physician bloggers, Mike started blogging in 2005 under the nom de plume of “Dr. Anonymous.” As Mike recounts, pre-HIPAA physician blogging was generally under the radar using pseudonyms to allow physicians the ability to speak their minds and “rant” against the system. His perspective on the birth of healthcare social media is unique because he has established a presence in a number of media platforms including a personal website, a blog, a radio show, a podcast, Google Hangouts on air, Twitter and Facebook.


Grunt Doc Blog

Example of Grunt Doc rant from 2002: Consults and Pain

Dr. Anonymous’ first blog post: “Does this thing Work?”

Dr. Anonymous post from 2006: Safety of Anonymity

Dr. Anonymous’ blog feature on the FOX News Website

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Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health.