Twitter Evangelist @AllergyKidsDoc

It’s always fun talking to another Twitter fan! Dr. David Stukus is a real Twitter evangelist, Tweeting under @AllergyKidsDoc, recruiting other physicians to the platform and demonstrating best practices. A Pediatric Allergist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Dr. Stukus is a believer in the power of Twitter because he has seen it and been a part of making it happen. From connecting with a patient’s parent to arrange an appointment to speaking at national conferences, Twitter has made things happen for Dr. Stukus. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Dr. Dave Stukus
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Allergy & Asthma
Local or National patients
What’s up with peanuts?
Hold off on bath time?
Microbiome (really – we talked about it)
Brother-in-Law’s fault
Twitter for education
Global Connections
2nd level of communication
Medical News
Follow Tweeting at global conferences
Allergy Tweet Chat #Asthma2015
Parents in Twitter?
Sharing content
Online medical advice
Dr. Farris Timmi “Moral obligation”
Unreliable health websites
Have you been targeted online?
Parents “get” social media
Are you a solo practioner
“Dr. Dave is an alien”
Twitter recruitment: Dr. Amber Patterson @TheAllergyDoc
Nationwide Children’s Hospital committed to social media
What other social media do you use?
700 Kids Blog
Hootsuite tool of choice
Using other media in the Twitter feed
How much time a day do you spend in Twitter?
Social Media Tip: Tom Lee “Use hashtags”

Get Social Health Academy course announcement: Coming this June – The Get Social Health Academy: Online training in social media for healthcare. The first courses to be offered will be “LinkedIn for Healthcare Professionals” and “Social Media for Healthcare Practice Owners.”

Facebook Update for Healthcare

LikesSocial media for healthcare invariably includes Facebook as a primary channel. The challenge for a busy medical practice is finding the time to post enough content so keeping up with frequent Facebook changes can be a challenge. Get Social Health called upon Facebook expert Shelley Heinrichs of Proclaim Interactive to bring us up to date on the latest changes.

Shelley and I talked about three major Facebook changes: the end of “like-gating”, the best format for posting links and the down-grading of “click-bait” content. To catch the segments of our conversation, check the time stamp content below.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Practical advice from Shelley Heinrichs
01:40 Facebook is making changes …for the good?
03:40 What we’re going to cover
04:20 What is “Like-Gating”?
05:48 Like-gating waters down page authority
07:15 “Low quality likes”
07:50 “Too much of a good thing
09:00 Percent of engagement
10:20 “Action-Gating”
12:20 Give to Get
12:50 Best format for Facebook posts
14:15 Facebook favors posts that include links
16:50 Test your posts
17:40 Where should links go?
19:50 Be a resource for relevant and valuable information
21:00 Business vs. professional resource
22:00 “Click-Bait”
23:10 Tabloid headlines
25:50 Watch sensational news headlines
26:40 Compelling without lying
27:20 Social Media Tip from Dr. Mike Sevilla “Know where your Audience is at”
28:05 Closing

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health:

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