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Dental Digital Marketing Tips

We haven talked about dental digital marketing in a long time so I reached out to Heather King, Social Media Director at Infinity Dental WebHeather manages everything digital from strategy to social media execution. I promised at the beginning of the year I would bring more small practice marketing experts to the podcast. Heather was full of great tips and suggestions and we had an enjoyable conversation. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

00:00 Introduction
01:15 Meet Heather King, Social Media Director, Infinity Dental Web
02:00 Dentists “get” marketing
03:20 Dentists tend to be “social IRL”
04:02 Dr. David Hall, Founder of Infinity Dental Web
05:20 Tech savvy healthcare entrepreneurs
Infinity Dental Web07:00 Mobile friendly websites
09:00 What happened to m.website addresses?
09:28 Hard-coded websites send an “outdated” image
10:00 Are you proud of your website?
11:01 What does a high-converting website have?
12:40 How often should a dental practice be blogging?
14:27 Not every post has to be clinical
15:21 Sharing an “inside look” into the practice is interesting
17:55 Dental practices are more informal in social media

The Zombie Apocalypse

20:00 Patients in social media
21:43 HIPAA and patient posted photos
22:55 What platforms are dentists using?
24:55 Using video (Shoutout to Dr. Isaac Porter)
27:00 Facebook Live – with video tips!
28:48 Advice for social media
29:50 Don’t post cartoons. Watch for copyrighted material.
30:40 Social Media Tip: Jared Johnson of the Health IT Marketer Podcast – Share the social love
31:15 Social Content Solutions – Social Media content for the small healthcare practice. A new program from Get Social Health Academy.

Grab Heather’s Video tips! 7 Tips For Social Media Videos 85×11

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