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Peter Shankman – ADHD and Faster Than Normal

Peter Shankman’s mind can do a four-minute mile, and he likes it that way.  He has been the keynote speaker for start-ups and Fortune 100s alike in over two dozen countries.  He hosts the “Faster Than Normal” podcast where he discusses the positive values of ADD and ADHD.  Peter is also the author of four books, with a fifth dropping in October!  Join me today as I discuss the power of ADHD with Peter, on Get Social Health.

Listen to the conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

02:12  Introduction
02:42  Peter’s getting started story
06:10  ADHD and your podcast
06:44  When did you know you had ADHD?
08:20  The pros of ADHD
09:50  How ADHD helps you at work
10:41  Daily structure
12:02  Managing ADHD
14:12  Fidget devices
14:56  Physiology and ADHD management
15:46  Reactions to ADHD talk
16:46  Future of the podcast
17:55  Forwarding questions to medical experts
18:48  Enabling conversations
19:41  E-patient communities and you
20:43  Having open conversations
21:30  When did you go public with your ADHD?
21:59  Getting kids comfortable managing ADHD
22:41  About the book…
23:31  End
23:49  SMT
00:00  Closing
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