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Health literacy is a relatively new term that is getting a lot of attention, but what does it mean? Does it have to do with reading ability or reading comprehension? Is it the responsibility of the healthcare provider or the patient? October is Health Literacy Month, so we’re going to learn more about the meaning of health literacy from Lori Hall, director of global health literacy for Eli Lilly on Get Social Health.

On the start of Lori’s career:

“In my career in nursing, I started out in the newborn intensive care unit. It was a wonderful opportunity to make a difference every day for patients and parents have these tiny little newborns. Although I didn’t know about health literacy or health education then, I think it really had a strong presence even in the mid-eighties when I started my career. And that’s been a common thread throughout the roles that I’ve had in healthcare. I look back at that common thread often now and recognize how I’ve been able to pull something from each of those experiences. That served me really well today in my role as the advisor of global health literacy.”

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