Social Media for Medical Air Transport

Hospitals aren’t the only businesses impacted by changes in healthcare. Have you ever wondered how the medical air transport business works? On Get Social Health my guest Rich Obertots, CEO of ThinkThroughTools and I discuss a healthcare service industry that had to change the way it operates from the ground up. Part of the transition is learning to embrace social media.  Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Think Through Tools00:00 Introduction
00:45 Marketing for air medical transport
01:33 Think Through Tools
02:30 Financial transition in air medical transport
04:00 Privatizing air transport
05:55 Who you gonna call?
07:27 Emergency service V. scheduled transport
09:18 Transport distances – traffic jams to repatriation
10:00 Scuba insurance
10:50 Safety record is differentiation
13:25 B2B contact – Who makes the call?
15:15 How do you market to a diverse business audience
18:50 Peer-to-peer connections
21:20 Surveillance – who is doing the social media
23:31 Physician relationships & influence
25:00 Social media impact. Old school rip & read
28:25 Janet’s Air Transport Marketing Plan
31:02 Online learning – “Continuous Impact Learning”
37:02 Social Media Examiner’s “Social Media Marketing Society”
39:00 My brother is a helicopter pilot
31:30 Social Media Tip: Connie Mester Thrive 4-7 “resonate with your audience”