Jeff Calaway – Creating a Hospital Newsroom

Content creation is critical to an effective hospital marketing plan. On the Get Social Health podcast, I chat with Jeff Calaway about the creation of a newsroom-style PR department for Cook Children’s Hospital. By operating as a newsroom, the hospital communications team was positioned to take advantage of health-related stories in the news. To find out how listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below.
00:51  Intro
01:18  About Jeff
04:09  Mobility & flexibility
07:35  Telling personal stories
10:07  Involving your staff
13:06  Evergreen vs live news
15:34  “Newsjacking?”
17:08  Timely posting on current events
20:12  Spontaneous vs oversight
24:20  Physicians who produce social content
27:19  Accuracy vs accessibility
28:32  End
29:18  Social Media Tip Mari Smith
30:01  Closing

Connect with Jeff:


The Cook Children’s Marketing & PR Team

  • Justin Smith, Medical Advisor for Digital Health/Primary Care Innovator, Twitter: @TheDocSmitty
  • Wini King, AVP, Public Relations, Twitter: @PRKing1210
  • Missy Staben, Manager of Digital Communications, @Missy Staben
  • Kim Brown, Media Relations Specialist, Twitter: @KimatCook
  • Abigail Hodgson, Social Media Specialist, Twitter: flabigaill

The story doing well in India:

India is their third biggest country in audience readership behind U.S. and U.K. The story now has more than 10k views since it was published in June 2015. It has more than 140,000 total views.

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Nurse Bullying Expert Renee Thompson

Are you a Nurse Bully? You might be surprised…

No one believes nurse bullying in the workplace happens until it happens to them.  Today’s guest is Renee Thompson, an expert in leadership and bullying prevention in the field of nursing.  We’ll discuss why bullying among nurses is so prevalent, why it’s part of the culture of nursing, and how to handle it both personally and on social media.  Join us, on Get Social Health.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

Nurse Bullying Expert01:03  Introduction: Renee Thompson, DNP, RN
01:44  Great Expectations
02:12  Nurse Bullying is a Thing?
04:23  Bad Bullying, Good Bedside?
06:03  It’s Every Organizations’ Problem
07:18  Bully [noun]:
10:03  Bullying and Self-Awareness
11:41  To Poke, or Not to Poke the Bear
13:41  Gender Dynamics In Nursing
15:29  Disproportional Reporting
16:09  Trickle Down Bullying
18:13  The C-Suite Life
19:54  Social Media Venting
22:33  No Posting While Punched In
25:24  We Want you to Post, But Don’t Post
27:01  Vague Won’t Cut It
29:05  So Besides Bullying…
32:33  One of Many Ways to Learn
33:34  Tips to Survive for Newbie Nurses
35:46  Up to Date All the Time
37:09  Shameless Plug
38:52  Professional Support
39:54  I’m Gonna Find Ya
40:26  Send Off
41:16  Tal Givoly Social Media Success Tip
Find Renee Thompson
RT Connections website

Workflow is Key to Managing Healthcare Process

The King of All Workflow

Meet @wareFLO – Chuck Webster, MD… and MSIE, MSIS and workflow evangelist. Sometimes called the “King of all Workflow in Healthcare” (mostly by himself) Chuck is the undisputed champion of workflow process. He has worked with healthcare systems to study, design and implement process improvement through workflow development. Chuck is also a workflow technology expert and helps his clients use business process management software to capture and analyze workflow.

I admit it – I’m a marketing and social media evangelist. As such I have encountered Chuck dozens of times in TweetChats, Blab sessions and throughout the social media spectrum. I know that Chuck has an affinity for social media. I was not going to promise the same about workflow. Our interview ended up being really interesting and I learn a lot – painlessly.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Give a listen to our conversation or drop into our conversation at the time stamps below.

Podcast Time Stamps

The King of All Workflow00:00 Introduction
00:55 Meet Chuck Webster MD
01:57 @wareFLO
02:52 His alphabet soup of degrees
05:00 How does all that education overlap?
05:57 He’s a Venn Diagram!
06:22 He’s an octopus – he said so!
07:27 Medical training by Disney?
07:38 C-Suite education – are they onboard?
09:48 Mind Mapping vs. Workflow
11:31 How does workflow technology work?
13:44 Interoperability in workflow process design
15:34 Example of a workflow process
16:45 Why would workflow matter to me, the patient?
20:50 Workflow enabling seniors living at home
23:50 What would this position be called?
26:20 Opportunity for physicians to transition their knowledge
29:09 Should digital innovation come from the medical side of the house?
30:32 How often should a workflow process be re-evaluated?
32:32 Are EHR vendors working with clients to improve workflow?
35:10 Bringing non-healthcare vendors to healthcare
39:38 Getting published
40:05 FireTalk – the new Blab?
Social Media Tip: Sarah Bramblette – Spell your medical condition right
42:55 Social Content Solutions – Ready-to-post content for healthcare

Chuck Webster’s contact information:


Authentic Storytelling with Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe is a content marketer who has spoken worldwide on the topic. What he wants you to think about is being “authentic” to communicate your organization’s mission. In our conversation on Get Social Health we discuss the importance of building your brand with smart, consistent content (that does not have to be exclusively yours). Christoph offers some excellent advice on the timing and longevity of posts plus how to re-purpose blog content to give posts more exposure. We also discussed the launch of his new book, “Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success.” Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time-stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:41 An unrealized sports reporter
03:30 MedTouch
04:21 Storytelling across industries
07:08 Content consulting – where does MedTouch come into play? “Silos are only good on farms”
10:18 Published his Book “Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success
11:20 How many ways can you re-purpose content?
13:30 Scheduling and longevity of content
Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success14:00 Follow 60/30/10 Rule (60% sharing, 30% Responding/Re-Tweeting, 10% Linking to your blog)
13 day interval
16:50 Being popular drives more placement
19:35 Tweet Chats: #hcsm content marketing
20:05 Have you been a guest as a Tweet Chat Q&A?
21:23 Periscope & Facebook Live
24:58 How can healthcare use Periscope
26:55 Managing Periscope & Blab with trifocals
29:14 Alternate format:
29:35 What do you mean by “Authentic”?
32:31 Authentic storytelling is not always positive
35:58 Everyone has stories to tell
36:35 How do you engage with 45,000 followers in Twitter?
38:55 Social Media Tip: Dr. Jeff Livingston “Be authentic”
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Christoph Trappe’s online presence

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Chief Digital Officer for Healthcare

Transitioning into the realm of digital marketing and new media has been a challenge for many healthcare institutions. Often senior leadership has little experience utilizing social media channels and is managing a number of different marketing agencies. Keith Boswell BooksEnter Keith Boswell, Chief Digital Officer for hire. Keith Boswell is the President of Perceptint, a consulting firm that specializes in helping health systems and other companies bridge the gap when creating or managing a digital marketing strategy. Keith is also an author of two e-Books, “Digital Marketing for Healthcare” and “Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy.” If that’s not enough, he is a fellow podcaster, host of the “CDO -Chief Digital Officer Podcast.” Listen in to our conversation about digital strategies and healthcare or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 So may ways to connect
01:37 Patients are not patient
02:52 Social Listening
03:35 Who is Keith Boswell – Chief Digital Officer?
04:35 Kaiser-Permanente Digital Strategy
06:10 Agency models don’t always translate to healthcare
09:37 Digital decisions by people who don’t use digital
11:23 Educating the C-Suite – Where are the conversations taking place?
12:40 Dialiang for your lawyer reputation management
13:39 The reputation stages of grief
16:38 A Rose (or Review) by any other name
18:46 A hospital is not a restaurant
19:21 Trusting the agency to lead digital
22:38 Does digital carry a higher expectation for ROI than traditional media?
25:05 Risk adverse to digital
25:49 Author of an eBook “Digital Marketing for Healthcare”
27:43 Yelp! Pilot
30:02 Claim your local space – Weighted toward places with more reviews
33:15 He’s a podcaster too! “CDO-Cheif Digital Officer Podcast”
36:04 Social Media Tip: Amanda Changuris, “Making it right”

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Managing Healthcare Reviews

Managing healthcare reviews, especially for hospitals can be an overwhelming task. Cynthia Newton of HCCG is back on the Get Social Health podcast to finish our conversation about Yellow Pages, Healthgrades, reputation management, review sites and how to coordinate hundreds of phone numbers (spoiler alert: the old fashioned way – in Excel!) Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below.

Google My Business1st step visibility
Where should Hospitals be encouraging patients to give reviews?
“I just Googled myself”
University of Utah – 1st to publish CAP scores
Patients not used to reviewing physicians
Can reviews be controlled?
Social Media Tip: Emily Solecki “Have a game plan”

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