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Really Local Marketing with Tyson Downs

Have you ever thought about how your doctor or dentist finds new patients? For the vast majority of healthcare practitioners their goal is not to be an internationally known medical thought-leader. What they want is to serve their patients, help make their communities healthy and run a successful business. To accomplish the objective, healthcare professionals need to have some online local marketing business savvy or know where to find it. I invited Tyson Downs, owner of the Titan Web Agency to visit Get Social Health and talk about website optimization, really local marketing and social media. We used a local dentist as an example but all Tyson’s suggestions and tips are relevant for any small (or large) business. Listen in to some great ideas on Get Social Health or drop in on topics that interest you at the time stamps below. (My apologies for the poor technical quality. Sometimes the internet does not want to cooperate.)

10 Problems with Social Media for Dentists





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