Inbound Sales for Healthcare Practices

Digital Marketing and Inbound Sales

If I said “inbound sales for healthcare practices” would you know what I meant? Digital marketing has provided many new ways for physicians to attract new patients but with dozens of platforms and hundreds of choices to embrace online marketing is not for the faint of heart. Garett Smith, founder of the digital startup InboundMD knows the struggles of trying to tackle inbound marketing for healthcare. As a startup entrepreneur, his team has created a platform to help the independent healthcare practice manage the complex process of online digital marketing and inbound sales. Find out more by listening to the podcast or dropping in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Meet Garrett Smith – Founder of InboundMD
01:25 Too many choices in marketing, not enough time
02:54 Independent Healthcare – 25% of medical practices still don’t have a website?
05:24 Old websites are just a billboard
07:01 Physicians just want to be physicians – Resistance is futile
inbound sales platform09:40 Negative reviews are driving experience
12:30 How do you help the “digitally clueless”?
19:22 Is this an “all-in” platform? InboundMD
20:32 Is InboundMD a social management platform?
22:35 How do you teach social media? “Smart Hands”
24:53 If clients are not in social media, how are you reaching them?
26:57 How does your Startup weekend experience impact your platform?
31:21 Patty Enrado, HIMSS Media “Use Multiple platforms”
31:59 Please leave a review!

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