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Kareo – Independent Practice Innovator

Physician, Innovator, and Entrepreneur

Meet Dr. Tom Giannulli; Chief Medical Officer for Kareo and independent practice innovator. As both a physician and an entrepreneur, Dr. Giannulli is something of a modern-day Edison – creating, developing and testing digital health innovations in his own healthcare practice. As an independent practitioner, he offers a unique perspective and the capability to de real-time testing of the innovative ideas at Kareo.

During our interview, we talked about innovation, the needs of the small healthcare practice and, of course, social media. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

Podcast Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Meet Dr. Tom Giannaulli, CMIO, Kareo
01:25 Kareo’s use of social media
01:55 Leadership team at Kareo is active in social media
02:21 Was social media part of your pre-Kareo career?
02:41 How did you manage to be a physician and an entrepreneur?
03:40 Technology an interest early on
04:22 Do your kids love technology?
04:48 Kareo’s history
05:50 What’s the difference between the marketing platform and Doctor Base?
07:05 Difference between patient portal and physician review site
08:10 Where are you allowed to post content?
08:32 Tracking review sites – as many as 60-80
09:22 Review sites – Are all reviews published?
10:43 Need more review to balance all opinions
11:30 It’s like trying to get podcast reviews! (Shameless plug – Review here!)
12:16 What is a “small” or independent practice?
12:54 How are your services offered?
13:25 How labor intensive is the ongoing training and support for an independent practice?
14:25 Are your new clients new to EHR or are they transferring from another platform
14:42 How do you manage to be the CMIO for Kareo and a practicing physician?
15:57 Is Kareo a virtual company?
16:17 Who wins the arguments – the Physician or the Entrepreneur?
17:35 Physician’s time spent with EHR – is it better than the “good old days”?
19:35 Heads Up Medicine – Training to use tablet and remain engaged with patient
21:00 Gesture-based software
21:56 Digital Health & Snake Oil
24:05 Vetting medial apps
24:44 How does the Kareo platform help the small healthcare practice do marketing
26:00 Claim your space – how does the Kareo platform update online information?
27:03 What are you developing now?
27:40 KareoChat – Who’s participating?
28:15 Crafting blog posts and subject matter expert to lead
29:28 Why is social media important to an independent practice?
31:41 Social Media Tip: Hannah Prince. “Use interactive content”


More Information:

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Dr. Tom Giannulli