Nurse Entrepreneurs – NNBA’s Michelle Podlesni

Something very exciting is going on in the nursing community today. We’re seeing many nurses recognize their “inner entrepreneur” and start a small business both in and outside of healthcare. That’s where the NNBA comes in. The National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) is a professional nursing association and springboard for nurses transitioning from traditional nursing to small business ownership and self-employment.  Lead by CEO & President Michelle Podlesni, the NNBA is a membership organization offering resources, training and a robust community focused on helping nurses become business owners. Join me for a lively conversation with Michelle or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Meet Michelle Podlesni
03:53 Nurse Nurds
04:15 Tech-savvy & nursing
05:05 Need for Nurses to work in software
06:20 National Nurses in Business Association
07:05 “Unconventional Nurse, Going from Burnout to Bliss”
08:18 Becoming CEO & President of NNBA
09:05 Annual meeting
10:05 Hands-on learning experiences
11:02 Members have a variety of business interests and experience
12:09 Nurses are born innovators
14:43 Members are not all health care businesses
20:22 Questions to ask before you start a business
24:00 Making a business out of the best part of your job
25:30 Healthcare expertise does not mean you have to remain in healthcare
29:00 NNBA in 2017
33:05 NNBA has active event calendar
35:00 Carol Bush, The Social Nurse & webinars in 2017
34:40 Social Media Tip: Carol Bush, The Social Nurse. Where to start blogging.

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