Workflow is Key to Managing Healthcare Process

The King of All Workflow

Meet @wareFLO – Chuck Webster, MD… and MSIE, MSIS and workflow evangelist. Sometimes called the “King of all Workflow in Healthcare” (mostly by himself) Chuck is the undisputed champion of workflow process. He has worked with healthcare systems to study, design and implement process improvement through workflow development. Chuck is also a workflow technology expert and helps his clients use business process management software to capture and analyze workflow.

I admit it – I’m a marketing and social media evangelist. As such I have encountered Chuck dozens of times in TweetChats, Blab sessions and throughout the social media spectrum. I know that Chuck has an affinity for social media. I was not going to promise the same about workflow. Our interview ended up being really interesting and I learn a lot – painlessly.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Give a listen to our conversation or drop into our conversation at the time stamps below.

Podcast Time Stamps

The King of All Workflow00:00 Introduction
00:55 Meet Chuck Webster MD
01:57 @wareFLO
02:52 His alphabet soup of degrees
05:00 How does all that education overlap?
05:57 He’s a Venn Diagram!
06:22 He’s an octopus – he said so!
07:27 Medical training by Disney?
07:38 C-Suite education – are they onboard?
09:48 Mind Mapping vs. Workflow
11:31 How does workflow technology work?
13:44 Interoperability in workflow process design
15:34 Example of a workflow process
16:45 Why would workflow matter to me, the patient?
20:50 Workflow enabling seniors living at home
23:50 What would this position be called?
26:20 Opportunity for physicians to transition their knowledge
29:09 Should digital innovation come from the medical side of the house?
30:32 How often should a workflow process be re-evaluated?
32:32 Are EHR vendors working with clients to improve workflow?
35:10 Bringing non-healthcare vendors to healthcare
39:38 Getting published
40:05 FireTalk – the new Blab?
Social Media Tip: Sarah Bramblette – Spell your medical condition right
42:55 Social Content Solutions – Ready-to-post content for healthcare

Chuck Webster’s contact information:


Medical Futurist Dr. Bertalan Meskó

Dr. Bertalan Meskó is a digital renaissance man for healthcare. He is an author, TEDx speaker, teacher, consultant, and medical futurist. We had a wide ranging conversation about the future of medicine and the need for all medical professionals to be digitally literate. In addition to his newly published book, “The Future of Medicine,” Dr. Meskó shared his personal story of how he became a medical doctor, a PhD in genomics but still felt he had to honor “the geek” inside and embrace a career he designed for himself as a medical futurist. Listen to the episode of catch the highlights of the podcast at the time stamps below.

Future of Medicine ebook cover00:00 Introduction
00:35 Meet Dr. Bertalan Meskó
02:00 It’s about the conversation, not the platform
02:20 Building relationships
03:40 Be precise in social media
04:30 You can’t hide in the internet
06:45 The Guide to the Future of Medicine
08:55 Dr. Bertalan’s story
09:30 Created a profession as a medical futurist
11:20 Webcina.com
14:16 themedicalfuturist.com
16:50 “I think like a geek about improving healthcare”
19:20 How do we talk about a digital future when basic health needs aren’t met in third world countries?
22:13 What are people scared of about the future of medicine?
25:45 Break down the ivory tower of medicine
27:26 “Quantified Self”
37:07 Taking responsibility for your own health

38:50 Social Media Tip: Scott Bornkessel, Online Marketing Director for ABB

Dr. Meskó’s LinkedIn profile
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