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Jim Higgins – Intelligent Patient Communication

Today’s conversation is with Jim Higgins, the CEO of Solutionreach. We were introduced by Lea Chatham,  a healthcare writer and editor and the Director of Content Marketing for Solutionreach. Knowing my interested in healthcare communications, Lea suggested I speak with Jim about their platform and the need physicians practices have for intelligent patient communications.

I’m happy to be back behind the microphone after a hiatus to focus on building the Healthcare Marketing Network with my business partner Carol Bush. We’ll be covering what’s happening with our company in an upcoming episode.

Listen to the episode:

00:56 Intro: Meet Jim Higgins, CEO of Solutionreach
01:41 Solutionreach launched 17 years
02:21 About the Solutionreach platform
05:18 A patient portal: yes or no?
06:51 Comparative experience with other platforms
11:01 Managing your life as a healthcare worker
14:13 Keeping up with patient communication
17:32 Is this a clinical tool or marketing tool?
20:26 The need for content curating for healthcare practices
21:57 Describing the platform layout
25:01 Patient portal usage rates
26:56 Add-on or independent platform?
29:57 Millennial communications
33:36 Patient feedback on practices
36:01 Applying it to Facebook
39:46 Encouraging
43:45 Social Media Tip, Todd Eury, The Pharmacy Podcast. Twitter & the power of the Hashtag
44:39 Closing message: Healthcare Marketing Network – connecting healthcare and medical writers to companies and practices.

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