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Digital Snake Oil, the Meeker Report, and a ChatBot chat with Klick Health’s Michael Spitz. This episode of Get Social Health digs into digital trends with Spitz, VP of Digital Strategy for Klick Health. Spitz (that’s what he goes by) really ¬†knows his stuff! Join us for a far-ranging conversation about Digital Health on Get Social Health. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:38 Meet Michael Spitz, VP Strategy for Klick Health
01:15 Damnit Janet and Spitz
01:55 The Klick Wire
04:35 Meteorologist of Digital Health
05:50 Digital Strategy or Traditional Strategy
07:09 B2C or B2B?
08:07 Klick Health
09:48 Deep bench at Klick Health?
10:47 Consumer – Patient – Population Health
16:28 Snake Oil and Digital Health
21:33 Young people excited about digital health
22:48 Digital trends – when are they client ready? Klick Labs
25:27 Geofencing in healthcare
26:21 C-Suite, Digital Technology, and implementing new ideas
28:23 Trust
30:49 ChatBots (finally!)
36:26 Where is the medical info coming from that’s being served? Healthtap
43:40 Mary Meeker’s Internet Report
46:31 Pharma – If it ain’t broke…
47:44 Innovators lead the way
50:38 Digital health is transformative
51:35 Links to content are in the show notes
52:12 Social Media Tip: Samantha Pierce – Get your leaders in social media
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Mary Meeker: Blog post by Michael Spitz

ChatBots: “I, Healthtbot” blog post by Michael Spitz

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