Mari Smith

Jeff Calaway – Creating a Hospital Newsroom

Content creation is critical to an effective hospital marketing plan. On the Get Social Health podcast, I chat with Jeff Calaway about the creation of a newsroom-style PR department for Cook Children’s Hospital. By operating as a newsroom, the hospital communications team was positioned to take advantage of health-related stories in the news. To find out how listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below.
00:51  Intro
01:18  About Jeff
04:09  Mobility & flexibility
07:35  Telling personal stories
10:07  Involving your staff
13:06  Evergreen vs live news
15:34  “Newsjacking?”
17:08  Timely posting on current events
20:12  Spontaneous vs oversight
24:20  Physicians who produce social content
27:19  Accuracy vs accessibility
28:32  End
29:18  Social Media Tip Mari Smith
30:01  Closing

Connect with Jeff:


The Cook Children’s Marketing & PR Team

  • Justin Smith, Medical Advisor for Digital Health/Primary Care Innovator, Twitter: @TheDocSmitty
  • Wini King, AVP, Public Relations, Twitter: @PRKing1210
  • Missy Staben, Manager of Digital Communications, @Missy Staben
  • Kim Brown, Media Relations Specialist, Twitter: @KimatCook
  • Abigail Hodgson, Social Media Specialist, Twitter: flabigaill

The story doing well in India:

India is their third biggest country in audience readership behind U.S. and U.K. The story now has more than 10k views since it was published in June 2015. It has more than 140,000 total views.

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Mari Smith – Keynote for Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Mari Smith – “The Queen of Facebook”

Out of all the social media platforms utilized today, Facebook ranks at the top with over 70% of online adults engaging on the platform.  My guest on the Get Social Health podcast is the “Queen of Facebook”, Mari Smith who will be the keynote speaker at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Annual Conference. She will be presenting a keynote titled “Facebook Success Strategies: Proven Ways To Increase Your Reach, Engagement & Results.”

The Annual Conference is being held December 11th & 12th at the Mayo Clinic campus in Scottsdale, Arizona. Click this link for more information and to register. 

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the timestamps below:

01:00  Introduction
02:52  When Mari met Facebook
04:29  Mastery of changing media
06:23  Does Facebook tell us what we’re interested in?
The Social Scoop08:51  Your experience vs everyone else’s
10:58  Break free from apps
11:42  Being careful in Facebook
15:36  Disclaimers in Facebook marketing
17:16  Facebook national tour
19:45  Full Facebook marketing potential
21:41  The importance of local to SEO
25:20  Facebook live vs uploading – which is better?
28:29  Blue checkmarks vs gray check marks
30:36  Meet Mari Smith at the Social Media Network Annual Conference
31:51  End
32:32  Social Media Tip from David Harlow (David is also speaking at the MCSMN Annual Conference)
33:56  Closing

Find Mari Smith in social media

Link to Mari’s upcoming course combo:

Facebook Live Video Success Secrets + FAST (Facebook Ads Strategy Training)
How to review your Facebook app privacy settings

Additional recommended resources Mari rounded up for you as related to our discussion:

Facebook Video Engagement: What We Learned From Analyzing 100 Million Videos
Introducing Watch, a New Platform For Shows On Facebook
How Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Works (and What’s Coming Next)
Facebook Ad Custom Audiences: Everything You Need To Know – 2017 UPDATE

More about the Mayo Clinic Social Media Annual Conference:

Join us for two days packed with four inspirational keynotes, six compelling case studies and presentations, three expert consultation sessions, and an evening taco reception complete with mariachi band!

You don’t need to belong to the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network to attend. Your registration includes a full year membership in the Network.

Registration for the Annual ConferenceSocial Media Residency or the combined bundle includes a one-year premium membership and access to the Social for Healthcare Certificate from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite.

We’re capping attendance at 125 so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to contribute, interact, and connect with your peers. You’ll leave energized with more knowledge and enthusiasm to tackle, analyze, and solve the biggest social media problems you face today.

You may want to join us on December 13 for our Social Media Residency, too!