Nurse Entrepreneurs – NNBA’s Michelle Podlesni

Something very exciting is going on in the nursing community today. We’re seeing many nurses recognize their “inner entrepreneur” and start a small business both in and outside of healthcare. That’s where the NNBA comes in. The National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) is a professional nursing association and springboard for nurses transitioning from traditional nursing to small business ownership and self-employment.  Lead by CEO & President Michelle Podlesni, the NNBA is a membership organization offering resources, training and a robust community focused on helping nurses become business owners. Join me for a lively conversation with Michelle or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Meet Michelle Podlesni
03:53 Nurse Nurds
04:15 Tech-savvy & nursing
05:05 Need for Nurses to work in software
06:20 National Nurses in Business Association
07:05 “Unconventional Nurse, Going from Burnout to Bliss”
08:18 Becoming CEO & President of NNBA
09:05 Annual meeting
10:05 Hands-on learning experiences
11:02 Members have a variety of business interests and experience
12:09 Nurses are born innovators
14:43 Members are not all health care businesses
20:22 Questions to ask before you start a business
24:00 Making a business out of the best part of your job
25:30 Healthcare expertise does not mean you have to remain in healthcare
29:00 NNBA in 2017
33:05 NNBA has active event calendar
35:00 Carol Bush, The Social Nurse & webinars in 2017
34:40 Social Media Tip: Carol Bush, The Social Nurse. Where to start blogging.

Join us for a free webinar!

Carol Bush and Janet Kennedy with special Guest Michelle Podlesni and Janine Kelbach join forces to help you “Launch Your Career as a Healthcare Writer in 2017” on December 14th at 6:00pm. To register for the webinar or the replay, click this link.

Nurses – Born to Innovate

Nurses are born to be innovators

Tim Raderstorf is the first Chief Innovation Officer at The Ohio State University College of Nursing. He is also a Clinical Instructor of Practice. Tim has studied and focused on neurosurgical research on Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome, designed clinical spaces, and improved patient throughput in the pediatric hematology/oncology ambulatory settings.

Tim Raderstorf presentingInnovation and Entrepreneurship

Tim’s passion lies in connecting great thinkers and fostering ideation through the innovation and commercialization process. He helped design an innovation and entrepreneurship program for healthcare at the Ohio State University College of Nursing. This fall, he’ll be speaking at the Advancing Nurses Through Innovation Conference hosted by the National Nurses Business Association Conference in Las Vegas and the Nursing Innovation Summit at the Cleveland Clinic.

Listen to Tim’s ideas on nurses, entrepreneurship, and innovation on the Get Social Health podcast.
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop for Health Professionals

Laurel Van Dromme

Bernadette Melnyk

The Change of Shift Podcast- A Voice for Nursing

My guest today on the Get Social Health podcast is Sean Dent. He’s an acute care Nurse Practitioner and the host of the Change of Shift podcast. He’s also one of the early social media adopters in the healthcare space giving a voice to nursing. The role of the nurse has many contradictions. On the one hand, it is the most respected profession in our nation based on a recent survey, however, when you hear and read what nurses are saying and printing online, it presents a story of frustration, of challenges, of lack of respect, and even danger.  Let’s hear what he has to say on Get Social Health. Listen to the full podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

Sean Dent - The Change of Shift Podcast

Podcast Time Stamps

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
1:57 Hard to talk about yourself “imposter syndrome”
02:50 Early Blogging experience
05:00 Early Adoptors: Dr. Mike Sevilla, Dr. Kevin Pho
05:50 Are you supporting nurses or advocating for change?
07:12 Dealing with negativity
09:45 Are Nurses active in social media?
12:00 Nursing is the most trusted profession
12:51 Are Nurses leaving their careers early?
14:28 Shout-out to Janet’s Mom, an early Nurse Practioner
15:00 Is the American Nursing Association supporting Nurses online?
16:56 Media-Preneur. Scrubs Magazine.
20:48 Do you own your own content?
24:20 Crossfit is for everyone
29:50 How do you plan to make a business from your podcast?
30:45 You’re considered an expert at 10k hours
33:20 “Change of shift”
38:29 Podcast structure
41:55 Social Media Tip: Greg Chang, for[MD] “Give before you ask”

The Get Social Health Academy

Thank you for joining me for Get Social Health. As you may know, I recently launched the Get Social Health Academy, an online learning space for healthcare practitioners. If you handle social media for a physician’s or other healthcare practice, check out the website for courses that can help you achieve your goals in social media. The website is Get Social Health If you have any questions please reach out to me at [email protected] or in Twitter @GetSocialHealth. Thanks for listening.

Physician Venting to Physician Collaboration: SERMO Grows Up

Social platforms, both closed and open, enable communication between patients, physicians, researchers, medical professionals, advertisers and marketers. As Community Director Christian Rubio shared with Get Social Health, sometimes all those voices can be a distraction.  SERMO, the largest physician to physician closed platform offers something that is needed, anonymity. The 300,000+ members of SERMO may choose not to identify themselves so they can speak freely to their peers. Indeed, venting was one of the primary reasons for MDs to join SERMO in the early days of the platform. While politics, both internal and external are still discussed, the larger and more critical mission of SERMO has focused on the medicine. From advice sharing to mentoring young doctors, SERMO has hit it’s stride as a vibrant, growing medical community for physicians.

Follow along our conversation as we discuss:

Meet Christian Rubio, Community Director of SERMO

Floating Doctors Panama

Floating Doctors

What is SERMO?
Verified physicians
What kinds of conversations?
Politics and Medicine
What percvent of conversation are clinical?
The Early Days – ranting
How does the platform work?
How do you search for discussions?
Health Hubs
How is content vetted

Floating Doctors

Case examples: Post-natal infection & Black Glaucoma
Marketing SERMO
Member demographics
Past – Present – Future
WorldOne acquisition
Sponsors and Advertising
Site for Nurses?
Social Media Tip: Ron Petrovich, Manager Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media – 60 Second Rule