Patient complaints

Managing Social Media Complaints

Managing social media complaints for a health system can be terrible and no fun. Unless you’re Amanda Changuris who thrives on the personal contact and knowing she is helping people. In our conversation Amanda relates her process for being engaged with patients and her community via Twitter. She also shares a few stories of patients (or their friends and families) who were very unhappy and how she and the social media team at Highmark Health resolved those concerns. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction to Amanda Changuris
00:43 Amanda’s background in TV news
03:21 Social Media at Highmark
04:37 Who does the writing?
05:13 Highmark’s social media presence & team
06:20 What’s the procedure for managing social media¬†complaints?
08:05 Your response time is WHAT? Are you married to social media?
10:28 What should normal people expect for response time?
Speaking at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit11:48 Does speed of response impact others?
13:20 No Scripts! Honor their time
13:38 The ChaCha Response
16:20 Schedule Content timing to maximize engagement time
17:43 Personal vs. Personal
19:05 When is the handoff from social?
21:30 What if a family member releases HIPAA info?
24:31 Coordinated complaints: #DontDenyKevin
30:01 Who are you reaching?
31:00 Flies – Vinegar – Honey
31:45 Twitter and 10,000 words
34:00 140 characters and balancing the length of response
35:21 “Won over with Fancy Cupcakes”
39:35 Takeaways: Suggested responses
42:20 Sneak Peek: Flying Solo
43:15 Social Media Tip: Dr. Elizabeth Murray

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