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Patient Recruitment – Scott Vaughan Episode 11

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Patient recruitment for clinical trials is challenging work. The advent of a fractured media market in the 1980’s and 1990’s complicated an already complicated patient recruitment process. With the arrival of multiple social media channels the choices for media buying is split even more and budgets for patient recruitment are decreasing. Clinical Trials are something that the general public does not know very much about so it was a great opportunity to get a peek inside the process from Scott Vaughan of Merge LLC.

Scott VaughanListen to the whole episode or drop in at some of the major discussion topics.

How does clinical trial recruitment work? 3:50

How do you market a study to potential  participants? 7:05

Is there a place patients can go to to identify their condition/illness?  11:00

Technology limitations in clinical trials 15:00

Pharma’s exodus from Facebook 17:30

Data privacy & HIPAA 18:30

Recommendations for healthcare not in social media 21:45

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