Pharmacy Podcast Host Tony Guerra

Have you ever seen a commercial or read an advertisement for some new pharmaceutical and thought, “That’s how you say it?”  Here to help me with that today is Tony Guerra, pharmacist, author, and host of “The Pharmacy Podcast.”  We cover a lot of ground in this episode and sometimes arm wrestle over who’s the podcast host (me!) but we had a lot of fun. Join us as we focus on the medication side of healthcare on Get Social Health.

Episode Time Stamps

00:47  Introduction
02:08  Everyone does drugs
04:23  Como se dice “Xanax?”
06:45  Side effects include… everything
08:13  Googled health data accuracy
09:11  Speaking of writing…
16:15  Square one – website
20:35  Plan your website
23:03  Prescription recommendations and acquisitions
26:26  Pharmacists are friends
29:13  Pharma-shortage?
30:15  Chain vs independent pharmacist
31:58  Tell me about that Youtube that you do
36:46  …and your podcast too
38:58  Target pharm-audience for your podcast
39:57  Connecting writers
42:40  End
43:22  Social Media Tip: Brian Mack
43:57  Closing:

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Pharmacists and Social Media – Brian McDonald

Who should be at the table when discussing healthcare in social media? Ideally, everyone who impacts patient health from the patient themselves to the caregivers, caretakers, hospitals, insurance companies, wellness practitioners, and more. One of the integral members of the discussion is, and should be, the pharmacist. That may not always be the case as pharma companies and pharmacists are extremely cautious when engaging (or not) in social media.

Get Social Health invited Brian McDonald, Digital Marketing Manager of Parata Systems to talk to us about some of the issues that may be holding back pharmacists from fully engaging online.

To follow key points in our discussion, here is a time stamp of the interview:

00:45 Introduction
03:00 The pharmacist’s role
04:50 Pharmacist’s contact with patients
06:00 What is pharmacy automation?
07:05 “The Pill Ritual”
11:00 How the Parata pill automation system works
14:50 Thought Leadership for pharmacists
19:38 What is the state of social media use among pharmacists?
22:53 How can pharmacists participate in social media in regard to privacy and HIPAA compliance?
25:00 Do pharmacists have a preference for long form (blog) or short form (Twitter) communication?
27:55 What about drug misinformation in social media?
32:30 Are there pharmacy related tweet chats?
35:29 Next Generation Pharmacist Awards
37:48 Social Media Tip from Kimberly Wessel from Valassis Communications

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health

Parata Systems: Pharmacy automation company

White board video that explains how recent changes, including Affordable Care Act raise the need for the discussion about how to reduce unnecessary cost such as readmittance to hospital due to medication non-adherence.

Infographic that presents research data points to support the ACA discussion.

Parata ebookeBook that allowed us to dive deeper into where pharmacists will play vital role in healthcare and use technology to get them there faster.

Next Generation Pharmacist Awards are being held in Boston on August 24, 2014.  Co-founded by Parata and Pharmacy Times, this national awards program honors pharmacists, technicians, students and industry advocates who are defining the future of pharmacy. Since 2010, more than 100 pharmacy leaders have been named finalists or winners.

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