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The Business of Practice Management – MGMA

Medical Group Management Association

Halee Fischer-Wright is a nationally respected healthcare executive and physician leader whose work focuses on medical management innovation and creating cultures of excellence. She has served as a Physician Practice President, hospital system CMO and now is the President and CEO of the MGMA.

In our conversation, we discussed the challenges of running a medical practice including dealing with changes in technology, stress, and¬†the time physicians spend on administration. The MGMA’s mission is providing the training, resources, and community to support healthcare practices. At their annual meeting, Oct 31- Nov 2 the MGMA celebrates their 90th Anniversary.

Listen to our conversation or jump in at the time stamps below.

MGMA00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meet Halee Fischer-Wright, MD
83% of Physicians would not choose to go into medicine
03:05 Solo Vs Multi-Specialty
04:25 Is an MBA needed to run a better practice?
07:10 How much of a physician’s time is spent on administration?
08:30 How much of the administrative role can be delegated?
09:40 Checklists getting in the way?
12:25 Should EHR companies have physicians/nurses on staff?
13:25 Halee Fischer-Wright’s story
16:10 Experience on both sides of the fence
16:50 Tell me about the members of the MGMA
17:38 National and state MGMA Associations
18:15 What are the big issues facing MGMA members
19:12 MGMA is about the business of medicine
21:03 Are annual meeting sessions different depending on practice size
22:08 What is the MGMA doing with social media?
23:40 State MGMA Boards are a not keeping up with social media
25:55 Patients crowdsourcing physician choice
26:45 You can’t turn the clock back
27:31 Does the MGMA have a social media policy for members?
29:02 Hospital employees posting racist comments
32:10 Ignorance is not an excuse
32:25 Thought leaders can be found anywhere
34:14 What’s coming up for the MGMA in 2017?
35:10 A look at the 2016 MGMA Annual Meeting.
35:35 Why did you pick Jim Gaffigan as a speaker?
37:15 Is there a certificate program to be a practice Manager?
38:25 What would you say to people who are not members of the MGMA?
39:00 Social Media Tip: Shahid Shah: Ask the deeper question
40:35 Social Content Solutions