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Canadian Healthcare Practice Management

Jean Eaton lives north of the border and consults with physicians and healthcare providers on Canadian healthcare practice management. While there are differences in how the Canadian national health system is set up, practices are still businesses and often need help. Information Managers, lead by Jean Eaton is the go-to resource for small healthcare practices in Canada. In our interviews, Jean and I discuss the differences and similarities between US and Canadian practice management. Catch our conversation or drop in on the time stamps below. Get to know Jean at her social media profiles also listed below.

Jean Eaton 00:00 Introduction
00:45 She’s a Jack of all trades
02:30 Get to know Information Managers LTD
03:55 Canadian Privacy legislation (HIPAA)
05:05 Are Canadians as litigious as Americans?
06:00 Can you set up a practice anywhere?
06:54 Licensing by Province or country?
07:33 What kind of services do you offer?
09:05 Are there differences between types of practices?
10:00 How varied are the tools and services you provide
12:35 Employment recruitment
13:30 Do you offer marketing and social media services
13:50 Are healthcare providers adopting social media in Canada?
15:55 Physicians could be the source of information patients seek
16:20 What’s the challenge – doing too much social media or not following through?
18:29 Gee, Canada is huge!
19:35 Is tele-Medicine being used in Canada?
21:11 Physician Referral patterns include consumers
22:20 Are clients project based or retainer?
24:03 Membership site – Content on demand, hybrid webinar-podcasts
28:38 Online marketing & repurposing content
30:58 Janet will be a guest on Jean’s webinar June 9th
31:45 Shereese Maynard – “Find your hashtags” Shereese in Twitter
32:15 Tell me what you think! Tweet to me @GetSocialHealth

Social Content Solutions

Social Media sites for Information Managers:

David Harlow IS @Healthblawg

David Harlow is a healthcare lawyer and well-know in healthcare social media circles with his blog and Twitter persona @healthblawg. He joined Get Social Health to talk about marketing and patient privacy, HIPAA and social media. You’ll want to listen to the whole episode but to listen to specific parts again follow the time stamp below:

social media for healthcare00:00 Introduction
00:38 Meet David Harlow
01:28 How do you commicate in 140 characters?
03:57 Healthcare Law
05:05 Our requisite disclaimer
05:26 Why is patient data private?
06:20 Privacy law and individual states
07:27 “Whatever is the most protective of a patient’s privacy, wins.”
08:50 Is anything a patient shares fair game?
10:44 The more you deindentify data, the more you lessen its value.
13:05 Violation: ER MD In Rhode Island
17:00 HIPAA and Social Media Fines
19:00 Separating political statements on a nonprofit hospital blog
20:35 Intermediate sanctions
20:44 NLRB – Employee right to complain
23:15 Obligation to train
24:25 Social media policy – Don’t assume
25:50 “Practice Preventive Law.” Audits by Office for Civil Rights
26:50 Social Media Policy ; One Size does not fit all
28:47 Do you need a social media policy if you only have a website?
30:10 Facebook, marketing lists and email targeting
34:56 Marketing was addressed specifically by the HITECH Act
37:35 The HealthBlawg
39:55 The difference between Lawyers and Physicians online
41:50 “Blog Carnivals”
45:15 Advice to get started in social media.
48:17 Social Media Tip: Sally Okun of Patients Like Me “Contribute your data”

Below are links to a number of David’s blogs, projects and social media activity:social media for healthcare