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Nurse Bullying Expert Renee Thompson

Are you a Nurse Bully? You might be surprised…

No one believes nurse bullying in the workplace happens until it happens to them.  Today’s guest is Renee Thompson, an expert in leadership and bullying prevention in the field of nursing.  We’ll discuss why bullying among nurses is so prevalent, why it’s part of the culture of nursing, and how to handle it both personally and on social media.  Join us, on Get Social Health.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

Nurse Bullying Expert01:03  Introduction: Renee Thompson, DNP, RN
01:44  Great Expectations
02:12  Nurse Bullying is a Thing?
04:23  Bad Bullying, Good Bedside?
06:03  It’s Every Organizations’ Problem
07:18  Bully [noun]:
10:03  Bullying and Self-Awareness
11:41  To Poke, or Not to Poke the Bear
13:41  Gender Dynamics In Nursing
15:29  Disproportional Reporting
16:09  Trickle Down Bullying
18:13  The C-Suite Life
19:54  Social Media Venting
22:33  No Posting While Punched In
25:24  We Want you to Post, But Don’t Post
27:01  Vague Won’t Cut It
29:05  So Besides Bullying…
32:33  One of Many Ways to Learn
33:34  Tips to Survive for Newbie Nurses
35:46  Up to Date All the Time
37:09  Shameless Plug
38:52  Professional Support
39:54  I’m Gonna Find Ya
40:26  Send Off
41:16  Tal Givoly Social Media Success Tip
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