Social Media Residency

Healthcare Innovation in Action

Innovation in healthcare – everybody’s talking about it but how do you do it? Today’s guest on Get Social Health, AJ Montpetit,  has a unique perspective because he works on both sides of the healthcare innovation challenge. By day he works at the Mayo Clinic as a social media contractor for the Center for Individualized Medicine and the Center for Innovation. In his free time, he plays an active role in an innovation program called Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Follow our conversation below:

AJ Montpetit00:00 Healthcare innovation introduction
01:15 Meet AJ Montpetit, Social Media Contractor
02:30 Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine
03:00 “If it ends in -omics”
03:40 Who is your audience for the IM Center?
04:15 Diagnostic Odyssey
05:15 Do you have your own website?
06:45 Are scientists social media savvy?
07:20 Symplur to support healthcare conference communication
08:00 “Prime the social media pump?”
09:03 Hootsuite for supporting social media
09:45 What is a Hootsuite Brand Ambassador?
12:30 Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
14:30 Working with departments in one space – building “what if” scenarios
15:50 The “Code Funds” – encouraging in-house innovation
18:10 Roger von Oceh “A Whack on the side of the head”
19:15 “A Kick in the Seat of the Pants”
23:25 Give first to get something from social Media revolution
29:20 Global Entrepreneurship Week

38:55 Social Media Tip: Alice Ackerman, Physician-in-Chief, Carilion Clinic Children’s Hospital

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Roger von Oech: “A Whack on the Side of the Head” & “A Kick in the Seat of the Pants”

Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media – Lee Aase

It is universally held that social media is inherently “social” but it does not always follow that social media is friendly too. In the case of Lee Aase, Director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, he defines the friendly part of social media. Lee is knowledgeable about communications, public relations and healthcare social media. He takes pleasure in sharing his experiences from his own team members at the Mayo Clinic to the global stage as a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda on Social Media.

To catch the segments of our conversation, check the time stamp content below.

Lee Aase in Dubai00:00 Introduction to Lee Aase of the Center for Social Media at Get Social Health
01:25 Lee in Dubai at the Global Agenda Council on Social Media
02:00 World Economic Forum
03:29 Discussion of #Ebola
04:18 What came out of the meeting
04:44 Developing “Social Media Primers” to share knowledge
05:28 Call to action to Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Health Network?
06:30 The first volunteer!
06:45 “Lee Aase; The Early Years”
07:25 Sharing stories for the Mayo Clinic
07:50 “Be the Media”
08:09 Journalism to Social Media journey
09:00 Bringing on Chris Gotti
09:30 A license to dream from Mayo Clinic’s new CEO Dr. John Noseworthy
10:15 Service others by creating the Center for Social Media and the Social Media Health Network
10:50 Difference between Center for Social Media and the Social Media Health Network
11:55 What’s the internal relationship between social media, marketing, PR & Communications at Mayo Clinic
13:12 Does the social media group have give “push back” to other departments?
14:52 When was the Social Media Health Network founded?
16:29 Is the Mayo Clinic SMHN growing organically or does it need promotion?
17:28 An opportunity to grow MC SMHN
17:55 Events in 2015: Conference in Australia and in Rochester. Social Media Residency evolving to accomodate experience levels.
19:40 Using the Social Media Residency to reach out globally
20:35 Analytics for Mayo Clinic’s social media tracking
23:05 Annecdotal creedence
23:50 Which social media platform is driving business for Mayo Clinic?
Social Media GAC photo25:20 Lee offers Joel Steed and Tony Hart for a future interview
26:19 How do you present social media to other C-Suite decision makers?
28:58 Investment is in people and skills
30:13 No “one voice” in social media
30:40 Lee’s personal blog: “Lines from Lee”
31:15 SMUG – Social Media University Global
33:15 “Have a little fun with it”
33:49 Social let’s you show a little personality
34:25 Social Media mistakes – “Raises the price of bad behavior”
35:15 “Don’t be afraid to jump in.” “We’re here to help”
36:00 Join at a free “guest” of the Social Media Health Network.
36:46 Social Media Tip: Tiffany Smith of Regional Health in Rapid City, SD “Keep it transparent
37:18 Janet’s Close

Create the free guest account on the Social Media Health Network
Lee Aase’s personal blog, Social Media University Global (SMUG)
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