Srini Koluthur

HIPAA 411 from EHR2.0

“We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” While the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt may be perfectly appropriate for a discussion of HIPAA and data security, that does not stop healthcare organizations from being very, very concerned. Sadly, many healthcare organizations are not entering social media because of concerns about violating HIPAA. I am joined on the podcast by Srini Kolathur, HIPAA Compliance Coach at EHR2.0, a compliance, training and education consultancy. Srini and I know each other through social media training via webinars (disclosure: Get Social Health is a trainer and content author for EHR2.0). I realized that I had never had an HIPAA compliance expert on the podcast so I put on my curiosity hat and asked a lot of questions. Give a listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Meet Srini Kolathur of EHR2.0
HIPAA is coming02:06 EHR2.0 – Web 2.0
02:50 What do you do as a Coach for EHR2.0?
03:17 Do you have to follow HIPAA if you don’t have EMR?
05:25 Does HIPAA apply to every company, not just healthcare?
06:28 HIPAA and photography example?
07:51 Photography Consent Form
08:58 How do you get a HIPAA Certification?
16:56 Once and done?
18:10 Do I need a HIPAA compliance company on retainer?
20:45 Does a BAA protect the vendor or the physician?
22:12 Do vendors need to be trained in HIPAA compliance?
23:38 What happens with the reports when they are completed?
24:55 Would completing the forms protect a practice in the case of a breech?
27:30 “Wilful Neglect”
29:28 Is it the same process for a small practice versus a hospital?
31:18 How long does a HIPAA assessment take?
32:00 Worth the time and effort
32:30 “Ounce of prevention”
32:44 Social media not being taken seriously
34:55 Don’t let HIPAA hold you back from being in social media
35:18 Launch of Get Social Health Academy courses!
37:07 Laura Klarman – “Friday Funny”
37:37 Tell us what you would like to hear!
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