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Stuck on Social Work with Sean Erreger

Sean Erreger is “Stuck on Social Work” and he likes it that way. Sean is a¬†Social Work blogger and Mental Health Case Manager for youth in Saratoga Springs, NY. He is very active in a number of tweet chats that discuss suicide prevention, education, social work and healthcare leadership. He is one of the moderators of #SPSM on Sunday evenings which is both a Tweet Chat and a Video Chat at the same time. Sean blogs about social work at “Stuck on Social Work” where he curates resources for his colleagues and peers. Listen to our conversation of drop in the chat at the time stamps below.

What’s your “day job”
“Know thy Resources”
Stuck on Social Work blog
Tweet Chat: #SPSM
Tweet Chat: #PTChat
Tweet Chat: #MACROSW
Tweet Chat: #HCLDR
Is it hard to manage so much information?
“Patient Centeredness”
#SPSM TweetChat with @DocForeman
Shout out to Colin Hung
Talking about suicide
End of live and suicide
Youth mental health case manager
Conversations connect different topics
Social media & work
Tweeting live at conferences
~ National Conference on Behaviorial Health
~ Professional Quality of Life
Jonathan Singer – Social Work Podcast
Social Media Tip: Paula Gill, Co-Founder CareHubs “As your community what they want”

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