Telemedicine for the Emergency Department


Where does innovation get inspiration?

Ask RelyMD Telemedicine Co-Founder and emergency department physician Bobby Park, MD and you’ll find that necessity is the mother of invention. Seventy-one percent of emergency department visits are unnecessary or could have been avoided, according to a study by Truven Health Analytics. Realizing that patient overload could be alleviated more efficiently and economically through the use of telemedicine, Dr. Park and his partners at Wake Emergency Physicians, PA invested in building a platform to service emergency care. 

In our conversation, we discussed the challenges faced by over-crowded emergency departments and the need to triage cases before reaching the hospital.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamp below.

 00:00 Introduction
00:45 Bobby Park, MD Co-Founder RelyMD
01:37 Physician Entrepreneurs
03:15 Is a trip to the ER always needed?
04:30 Can Telemedicine always work?
07:24 What’s the difference between urgent care and emergency room care?
09:22 Order of service in an ED
11:02 Why did you launch a Telemedicine service?
relymd-114:00 Who owns RelyMD
14:18 What is the tech platform?
15:40 When is the platform utilized?
16:20 How are you staffing RelyMD
17:08 HIPAA compliant environment
17:43 Works for part-time physicians?
19:15 How is the business model set up?
21:37 Who is your target client?
23:20 Telemedicine lobbying
24:12 Who is marketing if you’re all physicians?
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26:40 Thanks for listening! I’d love to hear from you! 

Telemedicine Startup Hygeia Health

Ricardo Ibarria is the founder of Hygeia Health, a start up that has developed the Hygeia Health Station. It’s not your typical health startup idea. It’s not an app, a wearable or a SaaS. It’s an actual, Made-in-America, telehealth product. Hygeia is currently piloting the Hygeia Health Station which increases engagement and adoption in telehealth services in large covered population settings such as employers or schools. The potential for the Hygeia Health station extends as far as developing countries. As long as electricity is available, telehealth services can be delivered.

Hygeia Health featured in Venture Beat

Ricardo Ibarria’s Background

Founded Hygeia Health

What is the Hygeia Health System?

Can you explain how it works?

What skills or credentials does the operator need?

Can you get training at a Community College?

Where are you doing the beta test? Retail or Employers?

Will this work in a developing country?

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Hygeia Health

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