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Virtual Reality for Healthcare Education – INVIVO

Virtual Reality for Healthcare Education

Digital health has gone beyond simple smartphone apps into virtual reality for healthcare education. A leader in the world of augmented and virtual reality for healthcare, Andrea Bielecki, President of INVIVO Communications joins me for a discussion of this exciting technology. INVIVO is a digital healthcare agency pioneering the integration of science, art, and technology into communication that changes the way people learn about medical science.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the conversation points below:

00:00 Introduction
Google Cardboard00:39 Meet Andrea Bielecki
01:10 INVIVO Communications
02:06 Medical Animation
02:50 Skills for medical animation
03:45 Biologist or programmer?
05:04 Medical Illustration and Animation
06:44 C-Suite & Virtual Reality acceptance
08:12 Choose your own adventure: “Blood Stream Explorer
09:38 Occulus Rift, HTC Vive
11:00 “The Enlightened League of Bone Builders and Osseous Enigma
12:15 What VR applications are created for Pharma?
Steampunk13:25 Case study: Medtronic Oculus Rift project
14:55 VR opens doors to physician’s offices
17:10 VR demo of product gets great response
18:10 Time and expense to create?
19:25 How complicated are the projects?
20:51 Patient experience VR games
23:26 Business is booming
24:05 What is augmented reality and virtual reality?
26:06 What are the most frequent misconceptions about VR and AR?
27:25 How is the learning “better” on VR?
28:25 Types of learning plus “Smell-o-Vision”!
29:05 How to find INVIVO Communications
30:39 Social Media Tip: Ed Bennett – Post your Physician Ratings and Reviews
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