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Intrepreneur to Entrepreneur – John Reites

John Reites is a veteran from both sides of the startup business world.  He transitioned from intrapreneur at Quintiles, where he served as the Head of Digital Health Acceleration, to entrepreneur as the Chief Product Officer and Partner at Thread – a new, innovative digital health company.  Join me today as I talk with John about entrepreneurship in any environment.
00:44 – Introduction
01:13 – From Intrapreneurial to Entrepreneurial
02:07 – Entrepreneur Accountability
03:10 – Paying for Your Own Desserts
04:03 – My Big Quintiles Corporate Experience
06:29 – Skunkworks?!
07:45 – Entrepreneur IN a Large Corporation?
09:49 – Compare and Contrast – Corporate to Startup
11:32 – The End Client is…?
12:29 – For Patients in Studies or the Marketplace?
13:31 – How are They Used Within Studies?
16:18 – The Challenge of Adaptation in Health
18:47 – Role-playing
21:38 – Portable Tech and Spontaneous Reactions
23:26 – App Design Mentality
26:46 – Patients on Call?
29:10 – Finding Clients in the Wild
31:13 – Providing the Information Patients Need
32:50 – On the Horizon
34:11 – Social Media Tip: Mark Traphagen – Compete with Dr. Google

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3 ways to engage in remote patient research

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Nurse Entrepreneurs – NNBA’s Michelle Podlesni

Something very exciting is going on in the nursing community today. We’re seeing many nurses recognize their “inner entrepreneur” and start a small business both in and outside of healthcare. That’s where the NNBA comes in. The National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) is a professional nursing association and springboard for nurses transitioning from traditional nursing to small business ownership and self-employment.  Lead by CEO & President Michelle Podlesni, the NNBA is a membership organization offering resources, training and a robust community focused on helping nurses become business owners. Join me for a lively conversation with Michelle or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Meet Michelle Podlesni
03:53 Nurse Nurds
04:15 Tech-savvy & nursing
05:05 Need for Nurses to work in software
06:20 National Nurses in Business Association
07:05 “Unconventional Nurse, Going from Burnout to Bliss”
08:18 Becoming CEO & President of NNBA
09:05 Annual meeting
10:05 Hands-on learning experiences
11:02 Members have a variety of business interests and experience
12:09 Nurses are born innovators
14:43 Members are not all health care businesses
20:22 Questions to ask before you start a business
24:00 Making a business out of the best part of your job
25:30 Healthcare expertise does not mean you have to remain in healthcare
29:00 NNBA in 2017
33:05 NNBA has active event calendar
35:00 Carol Bush, The Social Nurse & webinars in 2017
34:40 Social Media Tip: Carol Bush, The Social Nurse. Where to start blogging.

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Carol Bush and Janet Kennedy with special Guest Michelle Podlesni and Janine Kelbach join forces to help you “Launch Your Career as a Healthcare Writer in 2017” on December 14th at 6:00pm. To register for the webinar or the replay, click this link.

Twitter and the Scientific Method

One concern regarding social media that I hear from doctors, nurses, and administrators is the perceived lack of gravitas and sincerity such platforms can provide.  My guest today is Doctor Ed Mariano, professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine.  He is also the Associate Chief of Staff for Inpatient Surgical Services at Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System.  We’ll talk about Twitter and the scientific method, live tweeting at conferences and how best to get accurate, transparent information to patients.  I love healthcare providers that tweet, especially the ones that make the effort to encourage their colleagues to jump into social media.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

00:00 Introduction
00:50 Meet Ed Mariano, MD
02:27 Twitter making conversations happen
03:55 The Scientific Method & Twitter
05:37 Tools are necessary to manage Twitter content
08:24 Social media can be organized
10:00 “Why Doctors Should Be On Twitter”
12:35 Twitter Journal Clubs
16:22 Tweet Chats
20:22 Using Twitter to connect at a conference
21:31 Your “voice” will be heard in social media
22:55 Patient community in pain management
26:25 Spelling & social media searches
33:56 Social media and opiod epidemic
41:27 15th Annual ASRA Pain Management Conference
43:25 Free Course “Conference Success with Twitter”
44:28 Samantha Pierce “Get your leaders on social media”
44:58 I’d love to hear from you! [email protected]

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Social Check-up for Pharma with Ogilvy Healthworld

Social Check-up for Pharma

In 2015 I interviewed Becky Canvin and Rick Evans of Ogilvy Healthworld about the state of Pharma and Social Media. The results reflected an industry that was cautious, risk-adverse and a little stiff. A lot has changed in the Pharma Social Media world with more Pharma companies embracing social media. In light of this growth in the use of social media, the team at Ogilvy Healthworld joined me for a conversation about what has changed and what additional factors they examined.

Joining my original guests, Becky and Rick are Philippa McClure, Sr. Account Manager with Ogilvy Healthworld and from Pulsar, Sameer (Sam) Shah.

Join our conversation and be sure to check out the report via the links below.

About the Social Check-up

The Social Check-up is a thought-leadership series, brought to you by Ogilvy Healthworld in partnership with Pulsar. Combining Ogilvy’s strategic expertise with Pulsar’s cutting edge data platform, The Social Check-up explores the latest trends in healthcare and pharmaceutical social media.

Ogilvy HealthworldAbout Ogilvy Healthworld

Ogilvy Healthworld is an expert health communications community. We build social strategies and programmes to change health behaviors; ultimately inspiring better health outcomes based on our strong scientific, social media and healthcare expertise.

About Pulsar

Pulsar’s software platform allows you to understand any audience, market, trend or conversation in great detail. An incredibly powerful tool that helps you solve a wide range of marketing challenges. Pulsar is available as a subscription to set up your own searches, or through our experienced team of researchers who can deliver the insights for you.

Virtual Reality for Healthcare Education – INVIVO

Virtual Reality for Healthcare Education

Digital health has gone beyond simple smartphone apps into virtual reality for healthcare education. A leader in the world of augmented and virtual reality for healthcare, Andrea Bielecki, President of INVIVO Communications joins me for a discussion of this exciting technology. INVIVO is a digital healthcare agency pioneering the integration of science, art, and technology into communication that changes the way people learn about medical science.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the conversation points below:

00:00 Introduction
Google Cardboard00:39 Meet Andrea Bielecki
01:10 INVIVO Communications
02:06 Medical Animation
02:50 Skills for medical animation
03:45 Biologist or programmer?
05:04 Medical Illustration and Animation
06:44 C-Suite & Virtual Reality acceptance
08:12 Choose your own adventure: “Blood Stream Explorer
09:38 Occulus Rift, HTC Vive
11:00 “The Enlightened League of Bone Builders and Osseous Enigma
12:15 What VR applications are created for Pharma?
Steampunk13:25 Case study: Medtronic Oculus Rift project
14:55 VR opens doors to physician’s offices
17:10 VR demo of product gets great response
18:10 Time and expense to create?
19:25 How complicated are the projects?
20:51 Patient experience VR games
23:26 Business is booming
24:05 What is augmented reality and virtual reality?
26:06 What are the most frequent misconceptions about VR and AR?
27:25 How is the learning “better” on VR?
28:25 Types of learning plus “Smell-o-Vision”!
29:05 How to find INVIVO Communications
30:39 Social Media Tip: Ed Bennett – Post your Physician Ratings and Reviews
31:28 Get a website today! Get Social Health Academy & The Social Nurse launch a Website Design Service!

Find Andrea Bielecki

Article on Virtual Reality used for patients by Salutem Digital Health

Telemedicine for the Emergency Department


Where does innovation get inspiration?

Ask RelyMD Telemedicine Co-Founder and emergency department physician Bobby Park, MD and you’ll find that necessity is the mother of invention. Seventy-one percent of emergency department visits are unnecessary or could have been avoided, according to a study by Truven Health Analytics. Realizing that patient overload could be alleviated more efficiently and economically through the use of telemedicine, Dr. Park and his partners at Wake Emergency Physicians, PA invested in building a platform to service emergency care. 

In our conversation, we discussed the challenges faced by over-crowded emergency departments and the need to triage cases before reaching the hospital.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamp below.

 00:00 Introduction
00:45 Bobby Park, MD Co-Founder RelyMD
01:37 Physician Entrepreneurs
03:15 Is a trip to the ER always needed?
04:30 Can Telemedicine always work?
07:24 What’s the difference between urgent care and emergency room care?
09:22 Order of service in an ED
11:02 Why did you launch a Telemedicine service?
relymd-114:00 Who owns RelyMD
14:18 What is the tech platform?
15:40 When is the platform utilized?
16:20 How are you staffing RelyMD
17:08 HIPAA compliant environment
17:43 Works for part-time physicians?
19:15 How is the business model set up?
21:37 Who is your target client?
23:20 Telemedicine lobbying
24:12 Who is marketing if you’re all physicians?
25:27 Social Media Tip: Carol Bush, The Social Nurse. Tips for new bloggers
26:40 Thanks for listening! I’d love to hear from you!