Erin Albert – She’s all that and more

Most of my guests are entrepreneurs, podcasters, and leaders in healthcare.  Today’s guest, Erin Albert, is all of the above and more!  Her laundry list of achievements includes being an author, a lawyer, and a pharmacist.  Join me as we talk about pretty much everything on the Get Social Health podcast.
Erin Albert is the author of Indianapolis: A Young Professional’s Guide (1st & 2nd ed.), The Life Science Lawyer, Single. Women. Entrepreneurs., Plan C: The Full-Time Employee and Part-Time Entrepreneur, Law School: A Few Short and Plain Statements, The Medical Science Liaison: An A to Z Guide, The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice, Multipationals: The Changing World of Work, and How to Create Your Best Career Portfolio, Indiana State Pharmacy Law Guide: 2016, The STEM Princess trilogy for girls and STEM education, and The S(He) Says Guide to Mentoring, coming in 2017.  Erin also co-hosts the Pharmacy Podcast Show, a lawyer, a pharmacist, and entrepreneur of half a dozen companies.

Episode Time Stamps

Pharmacy Podcast00:42  Introduction
02:30  Jack of all tradesman
03:28  Where do you see yourself in five years?
04:18  Skills to pay the bills
 Both sides of social media
06:07  Political re-engagement
07:52  Stalled engines
09:16  Keeping up with the times
11:22  “Un-conference”
15:08  Let’s talk about your podcast
16:46  Facets of pharmacists
18:51  Exciting changes in pharmacy!
20:48  Leadership from the living room
22:31  Tell us about your books
26:34  Side jobs
29:24  Advice for young women
31:27  Volunteering for the wrong position
33:04  Close
33:38  Social Media Tip: Nathan Clendenin
34:13  Closing

Erin’s contact information and links

The Pharmacy Podcast: @pharmacypodcast or
Erin’s mentoring session coming up 3/10/17 at SXSW in Austin, TX:
The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association – Indiana Chapter (it is a global org): or or on Twitter: @hbanet_Indy
Social Media Dames – and Amy Stark’s Twitter handle: @AmyStark
Twitter handles: @ErinLAlbert – my company twitter handles: @pharmllc and @yuspie
LinkedIn profile
Jacob Morgan – The future of work is his podcast.  Link to the podcast episode, along with all the podcasts Erin co-hosted in 2017 and 2016:

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