What fun to celebrate my 100th episode with pediatrician and podcaster, Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson a.k.a. @SeattleMamaDoc in Twitter! I should say “almost” podcaster. At the time of this episode release the podcast is about two weeks away from launching. We have a fun conversation about podcasting (surprise!) and the kind of information and guests Wendy Sue plans to have on her show. We also discuss her work at Seattle Children’s Hospital and the fact that she stills sees patients one day a week!

In honor of my 100th episode I have a couple of podcasting friends and former guests share a greeting  (Thanks, Dr. Mike Sevilla and Joe LaValle).

I also announced he launch of “Social Content Solutions” – a monthly social media content service providing content calendars, blog templates, social media news, and over 25 social media posts to fill a month-long calendar for a healthcare practice.  For more details or to order go to http://www.getsocialhealthacademy.com/social-content-solutions.

Listen in to my conversation with Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 100 Episodes!
01:14 Joe LaVelle Intrepid Now
01:30 Dr. Mike Sevilla
Wendy Sue Swanson 2-101:51 Introduction
02:40 Meet Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson @SeattleMamaDoc
03:22 She’s a Podcaster!
04:18 Growth of healthcare podcasts
05:27 Get the audience hooked on podcasts
07:23 Sleep! Everyone needs it
11:12 Was that a sneak preview of your podcast?
12:11 Segmenting podcast content?
14:08 Controversial topics are OK
15:35 What happens if you leave Seattle? Support from Seattle Children’s
16:30 It’s a podcast AND a blog
18:46 Any social platform you haven’t tried?
21:46 Managing the overwhelm
25:35 Transgender bathroom debates in the Carolinas
26:38 Soapbox, Silent Listeners, and misinformation?
29:23 Are you seeing patients?
30:43 Variety in your work week
31:22 Counseling about social media as a pediatrician
34:36 Invitation to join the Healthcare Podcasters in Blab
35:00 Seattle Mama Doc Podcast
36:14 Introducing “Social Content Solutions”

Find Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson:


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