Founder of Perfectly Afflicted, singer Chris Hendricks discovered he had Cerebral Palsy when he was four years old, at the same time Chris discovered his fascination and love for music. Having a health condition that will be with you for your whole life can either define you or inspire you. Chris Hendricks chose inspiration. He is a singer, songwriter, personal coach and the co-founder of a business. is a company that focuses on reducing teen suicide through motivational speaking and positive fundraising.

I know you will be as inspired as I was hearing Chris. Listen to his interview or drop in on the time stamps below on Get Social Health.

00:00 Introduction
CastleWild00:52 Meet Chris Hendricks
01:30 Cerebral Palsy and music
03:25 How does CP impact you?
03:54 Singing starting at 4 years old
05:34 What was it like having CP?
08:30 Self-Fulfilling prophecy
10:00 Did you ever consider suicide?
11:40 Has music made you what you are today?
14:26 How did the music career go down with the family?
16:18 Pushed out of the nest
16:58 Perfectly Afflicted – Impacting Teen Suicide – Hope Line
18:35 Fundraising through empowerment T-Shirts
20:13 What are the school programs like?
22:14 Facing hundreds in a school assembly
24:55 Saving one life – an impactful story
26:45 “Join the Movement – Save a Life”
27:50 CastleWild Band with Andre Dimuzio
31:05 Empowerment coach and motivational business speaker
33:25 Social Media Tip: Nicole Burdette “Limit Tweeting your booth number”
34:06 Social Content Solutions: Ready to post content for healthcare practices.

Castle WildFind out more about Chris Hendricks and his work and music:

Perfectly Afflicted

HopeLine website


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