The Art of Technology Marketing

In this episode of Get Social Health my guest, Kathy Holoman and I discuss the art of technology marketing.  Kathy is an exceptional storyteller who connects real-life business challenges with breakthrough technology solutions for Citrix Solutions for Healthcare. She started her career as a painter but transitioned to tech where she found her right brain perspective very helpful in translating left-brain concepts. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Meet Kathy Holoman, Citrix Solutions for Healthcare
01:38 From painter to technology company
02:40 Citrix location
03:15 Citrix Solutions for Healthcare
04:03 Security of data
05:32 Evangelists & the team
07:33 Deep skill set in marketing
08:15 Where does Citrix come into the sales process?
10:26 What do you do at Citrix?
11:51 What is Everyone Social?
13:38 Do you have the freedom to publish without editing?
14:52 Is Citrix using Video for promotion?
15:35 Attending trade shows?
17:00 Who is your target customer?
17:46 CEO & C-Suite – Can you reach them via social media?
19:45 Translation of Tech to Social Media
21:24 Complicated messaging for a long-term sale
21:24 How does the social media team plan content?
24:18 Thought leadership
24:36 How hard is it to present a technology that’s not visible?
26:20 Is healthcare tech harder to communicate than other verticals?
28:31 Using social media to open a door
29:04 Art to relax – Home renovation and photography
30:35 Race cars and technology
31:48 Providing authentic content
33:43 Social Media Tip: Carol Bush – Advice to Nurses who want to blog

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