What do nurse entrepreneurs need?

Carol Bush. She’s an Oncology Nurse and entrepreneur who uses her social media skills to help other nurses start up their businesses. She has taken her “intrapreneur” skills developed as a Nurse Navigator for the Midwest Cancer Alliance to create a business helping nursing associations and nurse entrepreneurs.  Carol has provided training to nursing organizations on social media and personal consulting for nurses who have a business idea get launched. Listen in to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

The Social Nurse logo00:00 Introduction
00:50 Carol Bush
01:25 Nurse Entrepreneurs
01:55 The Midwest Cancer Alliance
03:40 Working with Nurses and/or Social Workers?
04:50 Is the Nurse Navigation concept new? Dr. Harold Friedman
05:55 Training needed for care teams
06:50 Frontier medicine?
08:04 Tele-Health being implemented
10:44 NC Tele-Psychiatry – Going to the patients
11:28 Nurse Blogging & The Social Nurse @Nursetopia
12:45 Supporting Oncology Nurses
14:25 What services does The Social Nurse offer?
15:00 Partnering with the Get Social Health Academy
16:25 Nurses are front line in social media & violation fear
17:14 Nurses thought they were doing a good thing but violated HIPAA
18:35 Nurses ask 2 questions: Should I have 2 online profiles? What are the rules?
20:35 You have 2 profiles: @TheSocialNurse @CBushRN
21:21 Janet has 2 profile: @GetSocialHealth @jkennedy93
24:20 The “grocery store test” in a small town
25:00 What is a Nurse Entrepreneur? Who are you working with?
27:53 Nurse-Born Products
29:00 #MakerNurse
29:24 Startup Weekend
30:39 Triangle Startup Weekend Health
32:44 What is your growth plan for The Social Nurse?
37:03 Good luck to us!
37:25 Social Media Tip: Hannah Coen – Follow News Sources
38:00 Get Social Health Academy
Carol Bush’s online profiles:
Twitter: Carol Bush
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