Connect the Docs – Jared Johnson

Putting it all together – Connect the Docs

My guest today is fellow podcaster and healthcare marketer Jared Johnson.  You may recognize him from some of our Blab sessions in 2016 or from his podcast, “Health IT Marketer.”  He is currently on hiatus from that to work at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital as their Marketing Technology Manager.  How about that, both ‘Marketing’ and ‘Technology’ in the same title!  On top of all that, he authored a book called Connect the Docs, where he distilled the knowledge gained from his many podcast guests.  Listen while we talk about bridging the IT and marketing gap on Get Social Health.
You can find Jared’s podcast here:  http://healthitmarketer.podbean.com/

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

Jared Johnson00:51  Introduction
01:32  Switching sides
03:33  Changes in healthcare marketing

07:00  Marketing “Technology” Manager…

10:27  Imma let you finish, but about getting out the right patient info…
14:08  Amazon “Lightning Dealer of the Day”
17:13  IT and marketing, or IT Marketing?
18:32  IT / Marketing counter culture
20:01  Integrating the two
23:08  Customer service, marketing, and IT unite!
26:15  Too much content?  
27:23  You wrote a book!
34:06  Two books in one
37:22  Spread the message with multiple formats
40:21  Forging the path for others to follow
42:27  Challenge to do more in 2017
43:27  End
44:12  Social Media Tip: Audun Utengen Symplur
45:02  Janet Kennedy – The Healthcare Writers Network

Healthcare Marketing Podcast – Sharing a Love of Social Media

It’s not often I get to have a fellow healthcare marketing podcast host as a guest, primarily because there aren’t very many of us producing podcasts on healthcare and social media. That’s why I was excited to have Jared Johnson, founder of Ultera Digital and the host of “The Health IT Marketer Podcast” come on my podcast to “talk shop.” Before we got started talking about podcasts we had a lively discussion about reaching the first anniversary of his new entrepreneurial venture, Ultera Digital. Jared’s company provides digital marketing services to healthcare practices and hospitals.

In August of 2015 Jared launched the “Health IT Marketer Podcast” which focuses on the marketing trends that drive the technologies and information systems behind health care. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Jared Johnson at HITMC 201500:00 Introduction
00:41 Founding Ultera Digital
02:12 Need experience outside healthcare
04:15 No ulterior motives here!
05:00 Patient.Co – Josh Silver and Bird Blitch
07:14 Patient user experience
09:15 How do you onboard a client
12:18 “Mobilegeddeon”
15:38 Content
17:35 Iceburg Effect
18:18 App development
23:14 “Orcs and Storm Troopers on request”
24:06 Loosen up healthcare!
26:52 David Harlow @HealthBlawg Don’t worry about social media
31:19 Health IT Marketer Podcast
32:44 Get Social Health and Health IT Not just EHR/EMR
35:20 Jon Lin
37:10 Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Institute
39:35 Learning opportunities
40:10 Share your thoughts
40:44 The Favorite Podcast list
42:49 Future Blabs
44:55 Social Media Tip: Colin Hung

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health.


Healthcare Leader #HCLDR Colin Hung

Managing a Tweet Chat is a challenging job and usually a labor of love. Colin Hung, one of the founders of the #HCLDR Tweet Chat, shares the ins and outs of one of the most popular healthcare Tweet chats #HCLDR. Joining forces with Bernadette Keefe and Joe Babaian every Tuesday night, Colin spends hours crafting questions and blog posts prior to each Tweet chat and after curating the conversation. Listen to the interview or drop in at the time stamps below.
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Engineer
01:32 Starting as a candy striper
01:55 Happy Canada Day
02:05 PHIPA
03:23 World-wide audience for #HCLDR
05:05 Way back in 2010…
07:25 Imposter syndrome?
09:20 Supporting the conversation
11:22 Are we too polite?
13:19 @Nxtstop1
13:52 #HCLDR
15:18 How do you prepare for the TweetChat?
16:55 Crafting questions is an art
18:39 Blog to support #HCLDR
19:38 Who is we?
20:28 Labor of love to lead a TweetChat
22:00 Meeting IRL
23:16 Popeye philosophy of branding
24:50 Tweet chats are like riding the rapids
26:15 How do you manage 3 leaders on the chat
28:12 Are scheduled tweets part of the chat?
29;12 What happens at the end of the Tweet Chat?
31:00 Tools to moderate
32:38 Planned or spontaneous?
33:51 Newbies?
36:24 Twitter – The great equalizer
38:18 Vendors in social media
42:58 Social Media Tip: Becky Canvin – Insights drive strategy
Healthcare Twitter Stars!
 Colin Hung Colin & compadres at IHI conference in 2014 – Orlando Florida

Global Social Media – TweetChat Pioneer

Dr. Gia SisonDr. Gia Sison is a physician who recognizes the potential of social media to share content among fellow physicians and educate patients.  Unusual? Maybe not in the US but as a practicing physician in the Philippines so is more than an early adopter, she is a social media pioneer. In our conversation we discuss how she started her social media journey by participating in Tweet chats happening in the US (12 hour difference). Dr. Sision joined with 3 other physicians in social media to promote the use of  Twitter to engage her nation in healthcare advocacy.

In our conversation we discuss how she found Twitter through Stanford’s #MEDx chat and then joined the #HCLDR and #HCSM chats to engage colleagues around the world.

To follow along, here is a time stamp of our conversation:

00:00 Introduction
00:10 EHR 2.0 Advertisement
00:51 Opening
01:16 Welcome
01:52 Hey – Dr. Sison is in the Philippines!
02:26 Maritime health care & tele-medicine
04:00 How do you perform health care at sea?
05:05 Is there a similar HIPAA law in the Philippines?
06:00 What is the state of social media in the Philippines?
06:33 Help from @NurseFriendly & #healthxph
06:50 #HCLDR chat – #HCSM chat
07:30 Are you encouraging physicians or patients to enter social media?
08:05 Who is involved in Philippines Tweet Chats?
09:30 Are you using Twitter to teach health education or about using social media?
10:05 Are all your Tweet chats global?
10:48 WHO project
11:40 Youth and social media in the Philippines
12:40 What other social media platforms do you use?
13:06 How do you manage to be involved in so many US Tweetchats?
13:38 MEDx at Stanford
13:55 Social media used for physician promotion?
15:00 Using Facebook to educate about Ebola
Ebola Symptoms17:02 Closer to Ebola in NC than the Philippines
18:00 Dr. Sison’s breast cancer journey
18:53 Patient privacy and social media. “A Culture of Shyness”
20:32 Mental Health Stigma
21:30 Social media goal – to drive in-person engagement
22:58 Dr. Sison “walks the walk”
23:20 Stanford’s MEDx program
24:35 Social Media is a great tool for learning
26:17 Social Media Tip from Theresa Robinson of Express Mobile Solutions “Keep it short and Sweet”
26:46 Close

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Stanford’s MEDx program


#HCSM Chat

Ebola Facebook page

Nurse Friendly – Andrew Lopez

Philippines colleagues in social media:

Dr Iris Isip Tan @endocrine_witch
Dr Remo Aguilar @bonedoc
Dr Narciso Tapia @cebumd