Putting it all together – Connect the Docs

My guest today is fellow podcaster and healthcare marketer Jared Johnson.  You may recognize him from some of our Blab sessions in 2016 or from his podcast, “Health IT Marketer.”  He is currently on hiatus from that to work at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital as their Marketing Technology Manager.  How about that, both ‘Marketing’ and ‘Technology’ in the same title!  On top of all that, he authored a book called Connect the Docs, where he distilled the knowledge gained from his many podcast guests.  Listen while we talk about bridging the IT and marketing gap on Get Social Health.
You can find Jared’s podcast here:  http://healthitmarketer.podbean.com/

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

Jared Johnson00:51  Introduction
01:32  Switching sides
03:33  Changes in healthcare marketing

07:00  Marketing “Technology” Manager…

10:27  Imma let you finish, but about getting out the right patient info…
14:08  Amazon “Lightning Dealer of the Day”
17:13  IT and marketing, or IT Marketing?
18:32  IT / Marketing counter culture
20:01  Integrating the two
23:08  Customer service, marketing, and IT unite!
26:15  Too much content?  
27:23  You wrote a book!
34:06  Two books in one
37:22  Spread the message with multiple formats
40:21  Forging the path for others to follow
42:27  Challenge to do more in 2017
43:27  End
44:12  Social Media Tip: Audun Utengen Symplur
45:02  Janet Kennedy – The Healthcare Writers Network

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