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Wayne Gaudette – NCHICA Member Spotlight

This podcast features Wayne Gaudette, Director of Strategic Accounts for Carolina Advanced Digital. Our podcast host is Janet Kennedy of Get Social Health.

Jane Smith Patterson – NCHICA Legend

In the podcast, Jane Smith Patterson discusses her childhood and education, career, accomplishments while serving in NC Governor Jim Hunt’s administration, and how NCHICA was founded.

Jane, a lifelong activist to advance fair and equal treatment for minorities and women, was involved in the early Civil Rights movement, Equal Rights Amendment, and ACLU, and met leaders like Martin Luther King and Jimmy Carter. She was also a visionary who recognized early on the power of computers and how they could transform the state’s economy and healthcare. She was involved in building the state’s “information highway” while working in Governor Hunt’s administration and advanced it worldwide while with ITT. In 1994, she wrote the Executive Order signed by Gov. James Hunt that established NCHICA, the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance, to advance healthcare through the use of information technology. NCHICA was a pioneer in transforming the U.S. healthcare system and is credited with being the founder of the HIPAA Privacy law.

Janet Kennedy of Get Social Health is our podcast host.

Gerard Scheitlin: NCHICA Conference Speaker

NCHICA’s 24th Annual Conference will be held October 8-9, 2018 in Charlotte, NC. This is the second podcast in our series featuring speakers from our upcoming Annual Conference.

Gerard Scheitlin, Founder & President of RISQ Management LLC, will speak at the NCHICA Annual Conference on Tuesday, October 9 on “Implementing Technical Security is Not Enough to Adequately Protect PHI.” He will discuss how to organize and implement a Risk Management Organization focused on clinical, privacy, compliance, information security and quality risks. He will walk through the creation of this organization, including board involvement, cybersecurity certifications (including HITRUST), metrics/reporting, and improvement tracking.

Janet Kennedy of Get Social Health serves as the podcast host.

Robert Furberg NCHICA Member Spotlight

NCHICA’s 24th Annual Conference will be held October 8-9, 2018 in Charlotte, NC. This is the third podcast in our series featuring speakers from our upcoming Annual Conference. Robert Furberg, Senior Clinical Informaticist at RTI International, will discuss the Add Health Consumer Wearable Ancillary Study.

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health) is a longitudinal study of a nationally representative sample of U.S. adolescents in grades 7-12 during the 1994-95 school year. Add Health is jointly administered by UNC-Chapel Hill’s Carolina Population Center and RTI International. The study subjects (“cohort”) are being re-interviewed throughout 2016-2018 to collect social, environmental, behavioral and biological data with which to track the emergence of chronic disease as they enter their fourth decade of life.

The Add Health Consumer Wearable Ancillary Study has surveyed 13,000 individuals drawn from the cohort to capture data on smartphone and consumer wearable device ownership. Hear more about the study and Robert’s work.

Our podcast host is Janet Kennedy of Get Social Health.

Connect the Docs – Jared Johnson

Putting it all together – Connect the Docs

My guest today is fellow podcaster and healthcare marketer Jared Johnson.  You may recognize him from some of our Blab sessions in 2016 or from his podcast, “Health IT Marketer.”  He is currently on hiatus from that to work at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital as their Marketing Technology Manager.  How about that, both ‘Marketing’ and ‘Technology’ in the same title!  On top of all that, he authored a book called Connect the Docs, where he distilled the knowledge gained from his many podcast guests.  Listen while we talk about bridging the IT and marketing gap on Get Social Health.
You can find Jared’s podcast here:

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

Jared Johnson00:51  Introduction
01:32  Switching sides
03:33  Changes in healthcare marketing

07:00  Marketing “Technology” Manager…

10:27  Imma let you finish, but about getting out the right patient info…
14:08  Amazon “Lightning Dealer of the Day”
17:13  IT and marketing, or IT Marketing?
18:32  IT / Marketing counter culture
20:01  Integrating the two
23:08  Customer service, marketing, and IT unite!
26:15  Too much content?  
27:23  You wrote a book!
34:06  Two books in one
37:22  Spread the message with multiple formats
40:21  Forging the path for others to follow
42:27  Challenge to do more in 2017
43:27  End
44:12  Social Media Tip: Audun Utengen Symplur
45:02  Janet Kennedy – The Healthcare Writers Network

Tech Guy and the HITMC Conference

John Lynn, aka @TechGuy, is well known in the healthcare IT world. He has developed a series of websites to support the industry. His website Healthcare Scene hosts 10 healthcare blogs that have generated over 11,000 blog posts, half of which John wrote himself! He’s the co-founder of #HITMC Conference, supports numerous Twitter handles and provides a valuable resource for job seekers in the industry.

Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

00:00 Introduction
00:50 #HIT100
01:15 Healthcare – people with personal passions
02:38 What is your “Why”?
03:40 Difference between professional and passion-driven participants
05:17 Disconnect in C-Suite not being exposed to social media discussions?
06:48 Social determinants of health
07:27 Patient stories – not hearing enough “good” stories
10:47 Empowered patients
13:41 People want to do good. Problems are a result of faulty workflow or process
16:18 The power of social media
17:10 Entrepreneurial spirit is suppressed in healthcare
18:56 Acquired EHRs, now we need healthcare analysts
20:22 John’s digital properties: Healthcare Scene, Healthcare IT Jobs, #HITMC
23:47 Open Sharing among healthcare marketers
26:29 HITMC Conference – Marketing automation hot topic
28:21 Networking is a valuable aspect of HITMC
29:15 Call for speakers for Spring HITMC Conference
31:24 Topic suggestions: Success/Failure stories and Creative or Innovative Problem Solving
31:04 Hamilton Rap from Stacey Gobel of Studio 9
32:07 Where will the conference be held? SLS Las Vegas
35:30 Find #HITMC – LinkedIn Group, Website, TwitterChat
36:40 “Local” meetups around the country
38:03 Social Media Tip: Stacy Goebel with Studio North “Try Live Video”

Find John Lynn:

John Lynn MGMA

HITMC Call for Speakers