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designRoom Creative (dRC) began more than twenty years ago. Kelly Farrell, designer and founder, left the big agency world with a mission — deliver strategic, impeccable design with responsive, personal client service. Since then she’s moved dRC into the national market while developing a specialty in creating healthy brands, especially healthcare related brands including Signature Health and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. In the podcast, we talk about getting the C-Suite and Board behind a new brand process, even when the brand is over 100 years old! Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think

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Connect with Kelly Farrell:

Chief Digital Officer for Healthcare

Transitioning into the realm of digital marketing and new media has been a challenge for many healthcare institutions. Often senior leadership has little experience utilizing social media channels and is managing a number of different marketing agencies. Keith Boswell BooksEnter Keith Boswell, Chief Digital Officer for hire. Keith Boswell is the President of Perceptint, a consulting firm that specializes in helping health systems and other companies bridge the gap when creating or managing a digital marketing strategy. Keith is also an author of two e-Books, “Digital Marketing for Healthcare” and “Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy.” If that’s not enough, he is a fellow podcaster, host of the “CDO -Chief Digital Officer Podcast.” Listen in to our conversation about digital strategies and healthcare or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 So may ways to connect
01:37 Patients are not patient
02:52 Social Listening
03:35 Who is Keith Boswell – Chief Digital Officer?
04:35 Kaiser-Permanente Digital Strategy
06:10 Agency models don’t always translate to healthcare
09:37 Digital decisions by people who don’t use digital
11:23 Educating the C-Suite – Where are the conversations taking place?
12:40 Dialiang for your lawyer reputation management
13:39 The reputation stages of grief
16:38 A Rose (or Review) by any other name
18:46 A hospital is not a restaurant
19:21 Trusting the agency to lead digital
22:38 Does digital carry a higher expectation for ROI than traditional media?
25:05 Risk adverse to digital
25:49 Author of an eBook “Digital Marketing for Healthcare”
27:43 Yelp! Pilot
30:02 Claim your local space – Weighted toward places with more reviews
33:15 He’s a podcaster too! “CDO-Cheif Digital Officer Podcast”
36:04 Social Media Tip: Amanda Changuris, “Making it right”

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Healthcare Leader #HCLDR Colin Hung

Managing a Tweet Chat is a challenging job and usually a labor of love. Colin Hung, one of the founders of the #HCLDR Tweet Chat, shares the ins and outs of one of the most popular healthcare Tweet chats #HCLDR. Joining forces with Bernadette Keefe and Joe Babaian every Tuesday night, Colin spends hours crafting questions and blog posts prior to each Tweet chat and after curating the conversation. Listen to the interview or drop in at the time stamps below.
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Engineer
01:32 Starting as a candy striper
01:55 Happy Canada Day
02:05 PHIPA
03:23 World-wide audience for #HCLDR
05:05 Way back in 2010…
07:25 Imposter syndrome?
09:20 Supporting the conversation
11:22 Are we too polite?
13:19 @Nxtstop1
13:52 #HCLDR
15:18 How do you prepare for the TweetChat?
16:55 Crafting questions is an art
18:39 Blog to support #HCLDR
19:38 Who is we?
20:28 Labor of love to lead a TweetChat
22:00 Meeting IRL
23:16 Popeye philosophy of branding
24:50 Tweet chats are like riding the rapids
26:15 How do you manage 3 leaders on the chat
28:12 Are scheduled tweets part of the chat?
29;12 What happens at the end of the Tweet Chat?
31:00 Tools to moderate
32:38 Planned or spontaneous?
33:51 Newbies?
36:24 Twitter – The great equalizer
38:18 Vendors in social media
42:58 Social Media Tip: Becky Canvin – Insights drive strategy
Healthcare Twitter Stars!
 Colin Hung Colin & compadres at IHI conference in 2014 – Orlando Florida

Humanizing Your Brand – UNC Healthcare

Jason Papagan is well-known in the healthcare marketing field as the Digital Marketing Director for the UNC Healthcare System. For those that know him, they know he is a real “free-spirit.” If you don’t know Jason, get ready for a spirited and fun conversation about humanizing your brand, managing multiple hospitals and being “in the moment” in social media. We chatted longer than usual so drop in the conversation by following the time stamp of our conversation below:

Jason Papagan and Janet Kennedy00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meet Jason Papagan
01:50 UNC Healthcare & REX Healthcare
04:23 He’s a free spirit
05:20 What has changed in digital marketing?
07:07 Shopping center brand transitions
08:20 How many hospitals in UNC Healthcare system?
09:58 Does marketing operate independantly at hospitals?
11:40 What DO you do for a living?
12:50 How far ahead to you plan your strategy?
15:40 UNC/REX Social Media Top 10 in Axial/Becker’s List
17:50 Daily management of social media
19:50 Rogue websites strike again! Chris Boyer
23:37 Facebook changes impact engagement
27:45 Platform changes are a constant factor
29:50 Better late than never?
34:02 Marketing vs. digital budgets
37:00 “Humanizing your brand”: Push marketing vs. engagement
40:50 Analytics
43:35 Responding “in the moment”
49:30 Social Media Tip: Josie Salzman “Keep your eyes and ears open”

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health.